<p>which frats r at columbia? what would u say about each? how do i get into one?</p>

<p>The list of fraternities is here:
The</a> Interfraternity Council of Columbia University</p>

<p>Also here:
Greek</a> Governing Councils | Student Affairs</p>

<p>Here's more info:
Go</a> Greek! | Student Affairs</p>

<p>My son went through spring rush and pledged in the spring. He moved into the frat brownstone in the fall. The interior of his particular brownstone was worse than I imagined. <laughs></laughs></p>

<p>He likes it. There are a lot of different kinds of people living in his frat. His GPA the first semester he lived in the frat was higher than his freshman year GPAs. Many of the frats live in the brownstones on 113th and 114th street. </p>

<p>The pledging process (that I heard about anyway) wasn't too bad and seemed fun. They have mixers with sororities. They do have a common kitchen but it seems everyone cooks on their own. There is a washer and dryer in the basement but he usually bops over to the dorm laundry room across the street for the ease of doing it all at once. I think it will be easy to find out when the informational weeks are for the fraternities once you are on campus. He has a decent sized single room.</p>

<p>I don't know about the difference in the fraternities. He just happened to make friends with a couple kids in his dorm that had made contacts in the fraternity and one thing led to another.............</p>


<p>There are 12 or so Fraternities, 8 or so which ahve houses. I've been involved in Greek life for a year now, and am now Vice President of one of the fraternities, if you or anyone else has any questions, feel free to contact me via pm</p>

<p>Don't call my fraternity a 'frat' and I won't call your country a ____.</p>