freak dancing

<p>i'm just curious how strict are your schools about this ?</p>

<p>at mine, it's against the rules, but it's rarely ever enforced. in fact, enforcement is so lax nearly everyone freaks at my school's dances haha</p>

<p>Yeah, freak dancing is pretty well enforced at my school during dances. However, the majority comes from bad neighborhoods where freak dancing originates. So the secret to breaking the system, is everyone gets in a circle, and the freakers go in the middle, OR, the freakers try to get into the middle of the dance floor so they are covered. The problem is when everyone on the dance floor starts freaking.</p>

<p>our school has no rule on freak dancing. haha, but our school is geek school and im usually the only one with a date and dancing..haha.</p>

<p>....why in the world are you discussing things like this on a COLLEGE forum?</p>

<p>umm this is "HIGH SCHOOL LIFE"... if you don't want to participate, please don't criticize, just close the window and don't read this thread</p>

<p>there are rules.. and they are enforced. i mean they won't keep people from dancing close or whatever, but if two people are pretty much having dry sex on the dance floor, then yes, they stop them. </p>

<p>they call it juking here in chicago. i used to call it grinding in wisconsin. so it's freak dancing in cali huh?
any other variations?</p>

<p>i'm from california... here it's referred to as "freaking" or "freak dancing"</p>

<p>.................... what's freak dancing?</p>

<p>ohh lol neva mind.. I think i know what that is from chickenlegs' post. It's not very comon in our school but it's more referred to as 'grinding'?</p>

<p>It didn't used to be very well enforced at my school, but it has been since last year's Senior Banquet. Seniors were freak dancing to the extreme, and the administrators sent letters home to the parents (it made the local newspaper). This year, we were very closely monitored- the administrators were standing on the balcony shining flashlights down to check on us. It was hilarious. :D</p>

<p>You mean grinding?</p>

<p>Here in New York, nobody cares... </p>

<p>Not against the rules, not taboo, nothing.</p>

<p>We grind in front of our teachers. Hell, they do it too.</p>

<p>It's ridiculous that anyone should want to regulate kids and how they choose to dance. For chrissakes, it's not like there's anything wrong with it. Stupid repressive Oprah-watching abstinence-preaching Puritanical soccermoms. <em>pukes</em></p>

<p>thomas, what school u go to</p>

<p>is freak dancing like booty dancing?</p>

<p>yeah we definitely refer to it as "grinding" here</p>

<p>and yeah, it's pretty popular at school dances...</p>

<p>I am for the most part in agreement with those that say that it shouldn't be the schools problem but last year at prom a couple was having sex off on the side of the dance hall... I was <em>disgusted</em></p>

<p>Its just a matter of respect. I don't care about <em>mild</em> freaking, grinding, etc but we don't need to be acting like animals in public. </p>

<p>Our school is fairly strict now because that little incident at prom became quite the news story and the administration wasn't too happy.</p>

<p>No one cares if you freak dance at my (Catholic) school's dances. I personally don't do it, but I'd say about 80% of the other kids do.</p>

<p>What is freak dancing? If you're refering to booty dancing then at my school they don't care, because everyone seems to do it besides me (even the IB students who are usually referred to as nerds by the rest of the school).</p>

<p>Freak dancing? I've heard it heard many things but that is the freakiest.</p>

<p>Anyway, grinding here is pretty common even in front of teachers, I don't do it though, it just seems wrong If I want to do that, I go to a nightclub.</p>

<p>Everyone does it. No rules. No one cares.</p>

<p>Stupid repressive Oprah-watching abstinence-preaching Puritanical soccermoms.</p>

<p>right u are.</p>