Freaking Out 2nd edition. a. SoDoge

Hello, how is everyone doing?

Me==> A student attending one of the CCC.

My counselor told me to specify the UC I want to transfer to and I told her UCLA.
Then the computer thingy(probably from the 80’s) showed a lots of perquisites to be fulfilled.

She told me that in order to transfer to UCLA from my college, I have to take 4 physics classes along with 4 calculus classes (all mandatory). After completing IGETC, of course.

Whereas, when I found out about, UC Berkeley requires only 2 calculus classes with 2 other math classes.
(I searched for both UCLA and UCB from my college to UCLA&UCB as a Comp Sci major.)

There are some CompSci classes that are just “no course articulated” at my college.

After knowing this, I went,
“Waht the freak is going on here?”

Is this true? How come UC Berkeley has less perquisite demands than UCLA?

Because not every UC offers the same exact courses, and not all UCs recognize the same CC courses as equivalent to the courses they offer.

I see! UCLA≠UCB in the perquisite realm.

Here is another thing I found out.
I guess in order to enter the EECS in Berkeley, I have to complete these.

one year calculus: UCB Math 1A, 1B
multivariable calculus, UCB Math 53
differential equations and linear algebra: UCB Math 54
two courses of calculus based physics with lab: UCB Physics 7A, 7B
one course in natural science from the following: UCB Chem 1A, Chem 1B, Physics 7C, Bio 1A, and Bio 1B
two approved reading and composition courses: UCB English 1A and 1B

I wonder if these are the only things (besides the IGETC) required for transfer to UCB.

Because those 4 CompSci classes that are requirement for UCB Comp Sci major seems too important to just ignore.
What should I do if those classes aren’t matching with any classes that are offered in my college?
Would I still be eligible regardless?

As always, thank you for your help. :smiley:

Can you link the assist page?

EECS is one of the most competitive majors at Cal…so I think if you are missing many pre-reqs your chances are slim. Think of it similar to hiring someone to paint your house (or clean, etc) and then they show up with out any supplies (no brushes, no cleaning supplies).

Yes Ma’am/Sir

And I got the abose pre-reqs from the EECS department in Berkeley!

Depending on your potential major, you may not want to focus on completing the IGETC.
Transfer acceptance to specific majors, often prefer that a student spend their time fulfilling most of the major-specific pre-req’s, rather than prioritizing a complete IGETC sequence. Here’s a link to potential majors at the different UC’s and their campus specific requirements:

^Yep, thats very good advice. Do major courses first, then IGETC (if you need it).

It looks like LACC has only the math courses. However, isn’t LACC is a district where you can take other classes (at like Pierce or Valley?). Look into some of those CCs to see if they offer any more courses.

And (kinda unrelated) its ‘miss’, and I appreciate your politeness!

I am majoring in Computer Science. Sorry for the missing info. But I do feel like going to UCLA with all those pre-reqs are just too much for me. I am a failure :C

Here, Pierce has one:

Also, here is some more info from the assist page:

"To be competitive for admission purposes, the department advises prospective

transfer students to take UC-transferable courses in:

  1. All equivalent Mathematics prerequisites: Math 1A, Math 1B, and Math 54.
  2. Data structures–even if not officially comparable to Berkeley’s CS 61B; and
  3. Java (preferred) or C++."

Oh, I didn’t read that part! Thank you! And thank you for finding the class for me, Miss Luckie1367! :smiley: Seems like Computer Science is do-able. Since UCB requires only 2 Calculus and 3 Physics (one of them is pre-req for Physics 7A = Physics 101 in my college). Unlike UCLA that requires 4 Calculus and 4 Physics. (I hope I can maintain 4.0 transferable GPA. :D)

Good luck! Please come back and let us know how it goes!

Okie dok!
Seems like LACC does have the corresponding Comp Sci Data Structure class in 15-16.(Didn’t show up in 14-15)
And It’ll take me another 1 1/2 years regardless, but I get to stay in LA that long. Whooray!!! :smiley: