Freaking Out?

Jan 14th, some recommendations are still not in. neither are my transcripts. I have spoken to the recommenders and the teachers multiple times. What do I do?

I think some schools have stated that they will allow you to send the recommendations after the deadline. Let’s hope that they submit it by today. Are your essays and parent statement done?

Yes, I’ve submitted everything else.

Exeter has said in an email that
“Q. I may have some application materials being submitted after the deadline. Is this ok?
A. Yes! We accept application materials throughout January and this will not affect your admission decision. We will also accept your current year transcript into early February.”

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St. Paul’s said the same, that they will “patiently wait”. They know not everything is in your control, but it’s frustrating when teachers or admin don’t send things on on time!


Definitely freaking out. We are in the same boat, we have resent recommendation requests a few times & double checked the email addresses. Hopefully the recommenders don’t think we are nagging when we resend, I know they are busy and trying to figure out in-person, remote & soon hybrid but kind of panicking. We have also waited to schedule some of the interviews, hoping that doesn’t count against my kid! It is not lack of interest, it is that the logistics have been somewhat chaotic and I’ve been busy at both work and my other full time job chasing PCR tests for everyone for return to school then possible exposure then return to school again. Also my kid convinced me to let them apply to schools farther than an hour away so a few schools were added to the list late. Good luck - fingers crossed the recommendations come in soon and are so wonderful no one cares they are late :slight_smile:

Particularly, on those late schools… If either you or your kid can say in the interview “we started this process thinking that we should only look at schools within an hour of home, but as Kid learned more, he persuaded us that this school might be an even better fit”, that’ll be all they need to hear.

Shows good involvement by kid, good parent flexibility by you, and an application for all the right reasons.


I’m finally done with my application and SO RELIEVED that everything turned out well. I know in a month and a half I’ll be freaking out in the M10 freakout thread, but still. Good luck to everyone who’s still working!!!

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Every school we applied to (past two years) allowed for supporting documents to come in later. Both years both my daughters transcripts weren’t even available until first week of February. Zero freak out needed. Just make sure those recommendations head out in the next week or two if possible.