<p>I've only read the chapter on names and I already love it. Who else had to read it?</p>

<p>A pretty worthless book if you're actually interested in economics.</p>

<p>Maybe, but it has interesting findings.</p>

<p>In all honesty, the majority of the book just reiterates conclusions that could be attained by using common sense. </p>

<p>The choices people make are influenced by internal and external incentives. There, I just summed up anything you could learn from the book.</p>

<p>I've read it, and yeah, it has nothing to do with economics, or atleast not economic theory (economics is about decision making... sort of like it in that sense).</p>

<p>Maybe it isn't the deepest book ever written, but my mom got a kick over some of the names listed, such as Uneeq, and Amchar.</p>