Frederiksen Court

Hello everyone,

There is a slight chance I will be enrolling at Iowa State in Fall 2017, and as a transfer student I can live at the upperclassmen residence halls. My brother told me about Frederiksen Court, and I just wanted to know what you guys think about it. Are the rates expensive?
Is it warm in the winter?
Is it too far from campus and all that business?
Is it known to be a rowdy or quiet place to live?

I’d just like to hear your overall responses on this matter, so feel free to add in whatever comment you think might be interesting. Thanks again!

Also, I’d like to know what you guys favored more, Iowa state west or Frederiksen Court, since that is where most 3rd and 4th year students reside for their stuidies

@othegreatman - This board is not real active and most posters are either prospective students or their parents (like me). My freshman son lives in Martin Hall and likes it. He has signed up for another year there.

Ahh, thank you for your reply. I am gonna take the best I can get its just a matter of finding it, so I wil check out Martin Hall and see how it is. Thanks again

Good luck. Friley, Heaton, Martin, and Helser are in the Union District. They are conveniently located near the Engineering complex.