Fredonia vrs. Oneonta!!! Help

<p>Hi! Im current a high school student who is trying to decide between oneonta and fredonia. I want to go into an education program preferably a special education program(which fredonia has) any opinions?!</p>

<p>I like oneonta's campus better but I'm open to both.</p>


<p>If Fredonia has the program you (may) want to pursue, then go their. Keep that option open!!</p>

<p>I'd save my money and enter a trades program or community college over either of those schools.</p>

<p>My kid and his baseball team stayed at the Oneonta dorms when he went to Cooperstown. So, if you like baseball, and walking up and down the big hills on campus, Oneonta is the One For You! It was a great dorm, with suite-style living, and the campus looked clean, and the area surrounding the campus is nice too. Good luck, with the decision, and sorry I wasn't more helpful, but I had to chime in, since I still feel good when I remember the visit.</p>

<p>What age kids to you want to teach? Fredonia offers programs in Early Childhood and Childhood Education and Literacy (up to grade 6). Nothing in Adolescent Ed, unlike Oneonta. Neither offers a BA/BS in Special Ed to my knowledge. Many people I've known have received special ed certification as part of their graduate school work.</p>