free airfare but no specific invite?

I got the note that says I have free airfare so that I can visit, but I didn't get invited to any specific weekend, not even the CAS weekend. Anyone know what the deal with that might be?
(Not that it's exactly a problem, since missing school/sports practice will be an issue, but if I don't get into an ivy/stanford I really need to visit)</p>

<p>You can visit at any time starting a week from tomorrow through the end of April.</p>

<p>Call the number on the insert that came with the admissions letter. Someone in the Admissions Office will book you an itinerary for your visit, and, arrange your airfare.</p>

<p>I got into the architecture school and was invited to come down, but there was no specific weekend. I assume they want some students to visit, even if not qualified for multicultural weekend, etc. They did mention a Sunday through Tuesday in April, but said anytime was fine. Are you going to go?</p>

<p>I definitely need and want to visit, but only if I don't get into Penn/Brown/Yale/Stanford (it's really, really hard to miss school where I go), but the problem is, I don't find those out until march 31. And I think we're supposed to book our flights earlier rather than later. Definitely need to visit though, because it's kind of tied with Northwestern and UChicago for me.</p>

<p>so yes, I probably will go. before april 22.
I wonder if easter monday is appropriate/there are classes?? bc I don't have school that day and it would be easier to go then...</p>

<p>Yeah I got that one too. I prefer it this way, because April is pretty busy for me, and not having to come a specific weekend is great. If you really want you could probably schedule for April 17 and end up meeting a bunch of future WashU kids that way. I talked to my friend who goes there now, and she said to come near the end of the week (and that everyone is holed up studying in the beginning of the week).</p>

<p>I received that offer as well. What's funny is that they paid for me to visit in November as well. I'm pretty sure I won't be going (it wasn't really me...).</p>

<p>So other than multicultural weekend, are there special weekend visits? My S got an offer of free airfare for April Welcome, but also did not get invited to a specific event. He is not muticultural (at least by their definition), so I didn't expect he'd get invited to that, but is there a special Engineering Weekend he didn't get invited to? </p>

<p>Also, there really didn't seem to be a lot of events described in the brochure. Just basically the things you get on any campus visit. Is there more?</p>

<p>Finally, it didn't say anything about accomodations. If we don't go with him, does anyone know if he gets put up in a dorm with an exiting student?</p>

<p>There are limited spots for the Multicultural Weekend. I think almost all spots are filled.</p>

<p>i was invited to a welcome for the arts and sciences. i was told (in writing and on the phone) that I'll be staying with a student host. I've already received my travel itinerary, and I am supposed to be receiving an envelope soon with host info, as well as more details on what activities and events will be going down.</p>