Free courses for credit to take while enrolled at a high school?

I am looking for free courses to take on my own time, for credit that I can transfer to my high school. Most of the websites I found are for home schooling so I have to be fully enrolled with that site. I am looking for something more like UC Scout, but free or at least cheaper. I know that UC Scout offers free courses for California public school students but I attend a private school, so that doesn’t work for me. If you have any information that you think could remotely help me I am all ears.

Where in California are you? Many community colleges are free and let you take certain classes as long as they are approved by your high school counselor. I’m currently a Senior taking one class outside of school at my local community college for free.

I live in San Diego County. Do you recommend a certain class for someone who is trying community college classes for the first time as a high school student? I am just worried that its going to be taught majorly different than how high school is. Thank you for the idea.

Community college classes are easy. Much easier than AP classes. I’ve taken Sociology which was easy. Take classes that fulfill college course requirements. For the UC system, the IGETC outlines which courses you need.

College courses in general will have less busy work than high school courses, but they carry the assumption that students will manage their time and not need as much supervision to keep up with the course.

If you take college courses while in high school, consider which subjects are of interest to you, especially those not available as high school AP courses (sociology, philosophy, math beyond the single variable calculus, calculus-based statistics, history other than general US, European, or world, political science other than US or comparative, etc.) in order to get the most out of them.

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I looked at courses and I was thinking of a German 101 course, it starts is February so I have time to decide. But I took 3 years in middle school so maybe this might be a good course for me.

If it’s something you want to take then absolutely it is good to take. Since it is a 101 course it will be an intro to German so you will be starting fresh at a faster pace than middle school of course. Keep in mind that not all colleges have a language requirement and only a handful of majors have a language requirement (international business, international affairs/policy, etc) so it might not be something that transfers over to college.