.: Free Essay Feedback :.

<p>Hey guys.
I'm an incoming college freshman and having just been through the college application process, I know how stressful it can be. Therefore, I am offering free essay feedback. The way it works - send me a private message including your essay including the essay topic and the caliber of schools you are applying to. I will try to reply to all requests within twenty four hours, but if it's been more then 3 days and I haven't responded to your request, send me a message reminder.</p>

<p>Good luck to all '15 applicants.</p>

<p>hey, my essay is too long to fit in a pm (one of its biggest problems) so are you willing to do email?</p>

<p>Email is fine. I will PM you the email to send it to.</p>

<p>Just another thing - if you're going to PM me for this, please post beforehand in this thread!</p>

<p>A reminder to all to be extremely cautious about sharing your essays as sometimes people solicit essays in order to sell them or plagiarize them.</p>