FREE Fly-in Programs

Applications are now open for Pomona College’s FREE fly-in program.

Pomona is a small liberal arts college. It is part of a larger community of 6,000 students in the 5 College Claremont Consortium near LA.

Pomona, Pitzer, Claremont McKenna, Scripps, and Harvey Mudd are right next to each other. There is cross registration for classes and combined sports teams, arts ensembles, clubs, etc. It is modeled after Oxford University… but with sunnier weather!

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Great idea for a topic. :grin::grin: Hopefully others will add to this.

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Here are a few more fly-in programs:

There are many more. Google “college fly-in programs”.

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I would love to understand more about these fly-in programs in general. DD has received the usual emails from their target schools, encouraging them to apply to these programs. They are reticent to do so because these programs appear targeted towards historically underrepresented groups. They feel like applying as a white LGBTQ kid is taking away from a need someone else might have. On the other hand, they are worried that perhaps they are missing an opportunity by not applying to their ED choice school and showing an even higher level of interest? It’s all very confusing. Can someone on here address these programs in general? Or, should I put this Q in another thread…

Why not let the colleges decide for themselves whether they’d like to offer her a spot based on their priorities? Why take herself out of the running?

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They feel like they’d be trying to “take a spot” from someone who needs it. Which gets me to my initial questions: are these programs for kids who can’t afford to travel to colleges and need the program’s financial support to help them get there or are they open to all and underrepresented kids are prioritized?

IIRC, the descriptions of these programs usually specify whom the program is for, but if not, then there’s nothing to be lost by applying. Fly-in programs are usually highly selective at schools like Pomona, Swarthmore, Williams, etc. My D, who didn’t meet the requirements for most fly-ins, applied to one several years ago that had a vague description. She wasn’t accepted, but did get into the school when she applied RD.

If you can afford to travel and visit the colleges on your own, there’s no need to apply.

But there is no scenario in which you are taking someone else’s spot… only a case of the admissions officer choosing you over someone else.