Free or Low Tuition On line High School for Advanced Students?

Not sure where to post this…I am a mom looking into online/virtual/homeschooling HS options for my incoming Jr.
She is all set to take 2 AP classes next year and she has always been fine with public school but now that everything’s changing (thanks Covid) I want to look into other possible options for her since we’ve already been told that school might be half remote/wear masks, temp checks/6 foot distancing, etc etc etc…
Unfortunately not in the position to be able to pay much so any info is appreciated!

Can someone kindly move this to the correct place? My daughter is not a musician and I posted it here by accident! : )

You could post it on the parents’ forum :slight_smile:

We used the Virtual High School, and our school ultimately joined so that 25 students could take classes with them each semester. Not sure of the cost, sorry.

Look at Kahn Academy too.

Our school district has been known to cover all or partial costs at outside schools, but it is extremely difficult to get that help. The parent needs serious justification, like students who have had 504s and IEPs and, after a couple years of trying, the school environment still isn’t able to fully accomodate.

I guess it wouldn’t hurt to ask your own school district, but I wouldn’t expect much from them.

Most public schools have dual enrollment with community colleges for free. My son did that and got 6 credits for English. Would have loved him to do more but we were limited by his scholarship requirement.

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Is this parent homeschooling? I didn’t get that impression. We used online classes and were not homeschoolers.

Hi, Thanks for the replies so far. No she is not a home school student but it seems like doing some online schooling would be a good option going forward. I am looking into the community college nearby which does work with our school in allowing some classes to be taken there. I think that might be the best option

My son goes to Connections Academy it is a FREE K-12 online school.
We are Capistrano Connection (in California).
But they are in other states too.

As a freshman he took H English, H Algebra II, H World History & H Bio.
He is taking 3 APs next year as a sophomore.
He is taking APUSH, AP US Gov & Politics, and AP Psych.

They have worked well with me (getting the classes he needed) and with him in class.

You should check out the website

What state are you in?

Many states have public cyber school options, which are free for residents. You should also check to see if her current district offers cyber school.

I am late to all of this, so you probably have already selected the route for your student. One option open throughout the year is Acellus Academy. We traveled some last year so my HS daughter decided to take a year off from public high school but the pandemic sure cut our travels short. Still, she enjoyed the independence of Acellus and has decided to continue. I only know it from a high school perspective. It does offer K-12 programs. It is fully accredited, offers AP and honor classes. There is a scholarship available that if the student takes this once a week seminar, the tuition goes down to $79 per month. I like it because she is thriving, is more interested learning and the teachers know how to present lessons via the internet. There are no books so the students must watch, listen, and write. Note taking is essential but it also means the student is physically involved in the lesson. D also learned she prefers to take only a few classes at a time- complete one, and go on to the next. Most videos are brief but the curriculum is comprehensive. Parents have to contact the College Board within the deadlines to register for AP testing. There are no reminders within the AP class itself. In that way, it differs from a PS.

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Hi we are trying it for first time California connections academy ripon because of covid situation. Would love to know about your experience. D is taking Ap psychology but they say it’s only half year course. Also are there courses uc approved and give extra points for AP and honors.