Free stuff

<p>The Penn Preview Day has me thinking, how much free stuff does a UPenn student get? I feel like I got so much stuff that my application fee was almost refunded.</p>

<p>what did you get at preview?</p>

<p>NSO is full of free stuff. Notebooks, shirts, stress balls, other cool yet useless. Good times. After that, you might have to look around to get free things.</p>

<p>When is this Penn preview day?</p>

<p>Oh my gosh, Penn has so much free stuff and esp. free food.</p>

<p>We always have free food- you will have lots of study breaks within your college house, plus your building will have events with free food. There are also Penn P.M. events where you will, again, have free food. Halloween is also a free food fest. We also randomly get invited to the President's house for free food.</p>

<p>Other times? Homecoming - you get TONS of stuff. I came back with armfuls.
Before fling: lots of freebies
"SPEC Spring Fling organizes Spring Fling, the biggest (and best) college festival on the East Cost and a Penn tradition in existence for 35 years. Each April, nearly 10,000 students and their friends get a chance to revel in the sun before final exams begin. Food vendors, inflatables, live performances by student groups, local bands and much more fills the Quad. On Saturday night, Penn students enjoy more inflatables and games, a DJ party, and free food from their favorite vendors, including Magic Carpet, Chipotle, Capogiro Gelato, and Pat’s Cheesesteaks."</p>

<p>susiebra you make life at penn seem awesome. it is my #1 choice I guess, though I am aiming for dental programs.</p>

<p>lots of free food year round and free condoms at every dorm (also year round)</p>

<p>The Penn Glee Club has gotten me all kinds of free stuff after NSO</p>

<p>Trips to NYC, western PA and Washington DC have all been free for us, though our tours to Central/South America, the Mississippi River (by that I mean a tour from Chicago south to New Orleans) and the Southwest United States have all been things we had to pay for, al though even those are unbelievably cheap (a thousand bucks got me a two week tour to four cities in three countries, all expenses included and including stuff like white water rafting in Costa Rica).</p>

<p>On campus, just two weeks ago we performed at an event which got us food worth about $100 a head, for free. Basically we get food for free all the freakin' time, and it is AWESOME! haha</p>

<p>I don't know about free stuff from other organizations... the Newman Catholic Center offers a dollar pasta dinner every Thursday at 6PM, which is pretty sweet. The Greek system also has a lot of events free of charge, but dues to Greek organizations can be hefty.</p>

<p>@Stupefy, I got a shirt, a water bottle, a key chain with a light, pens, a notebook, some beef jerkey, and a bag.</p>

<p>NSO? What's that?</p>

<p>New Student Orientation. The best week of your life, the week before classes start.</p>

<p>"some beef jerkey"</p>


<p>Lol i love those caffeinated beef jerkies I got from Wharton. :)</p>

<p>I got accepted off the waitlist :)</p>

<p>now I'm sad I missed penn preview lol. I want a shirt!</p>