Free UChicago swag?

<p>When's that stuff gonna roll around? I want a free hoodie :D</p>

<p>We get free stuff?! Awesome...</p>

<p>I live in Chicago and I received my official acceptance packet in the mail today. No signs of clothes though.</p>

<p>Oh, you'll get it soon enough. Don't worry, Chicago wouldn't bypass an opportunity to lure students in with cheap clothing.</p>

<p>D'aww! I heard we were getting maroon scarves and got so excited to not only show off UChicago pride, but also wear a pretty scarf :3</p>

<p>Wait until admitted students day. So much swag!</p>

<p><3 will definitely be there.
Unless I go to one of the snow days!</p>

<p>now that we've gotten calenders, can any admissions officer confirm when we're getting scarves? I really want one :(</p>

<p>^Ditto </p>


<p>Calendars? I haven't gotten anything. :( Chicago doesn't like me.</p>

<p>just got a book of essays a couple days ago. solid :)</p>

<p>^^as did I. Did everyone get one?</p>

<p>I got the book as well.</p>

<p>I got packet, Christmas card, calendar, and book. I still want some regalia though. Maybe this Sunday during the admit students day?</p>

<p>I got a rock.</p>

<p>I got a scarf in the mail today. I live in the city so it didn't have to go too far. Nonetheless, scarves are on their way!</p>

<p>Thanks for the heads-up! I've been needing a scarf as of late :)</p>

<p>Got the scarf today (in Philly)!!! Not bad at all.</p>

<p>do they give any swag to new PhD students? I want to show my Chicago pride too :D</p>

<p>So I've heard! A girl at my school (I didn't even know she got in...everyone at my school is under the impression that only two people got in, but this makes three) got a scarf, but mine has yet to arrive :/ She doesn't even want hers!! I live in Michigan, if that makes a difference, and she got hers yesterday, I believe. I want my scarf :(</p>

<p>A girl from my school got her scarf yesterday, but I still haven't gotten mine (I live in Massachusetts). Excited :)</p>