French 315/French in General at Tulane

<p>I took five (b.s) years of French in middle school and high school as well as AP French. I got a 3 on the AP French exam and a 720 on the French SAT Subject Test. I registered for honors French 315, which sounds difficult to me. However, I got the course book on amazon and looking through it, it is rather basic. Is the book an indicator of course difficulty, or is it just for review?</p>

<p>I also got a 3 on the AP French exam/4 years of French in HS and they placed me in 2030 which was way too easy. Ended up taking 315 last semester and it wasn't bad. The book is a good indication. It's a grammar course, as it says, so the grading is a bit picky, but it's not unmanageable at all. You probably will know most of the grammar points already, but the course really drives them in. Try to take it with Sojic if you can! She's the sweetest lady and speaks very clearly.</p>