French AP/French SAT II

<p>D is planning to take both these tests next May. Is content the same? If she does the Barron's AP French book will she need to do any supplement for the SATII?</p>

<p>no... definitely different... you have to be able to speak and write in french on the ap... the sat II is easy, only get the book if you really think she needs it-- it's way easier than the ap exam (i got a 4 on ap but a 750 on sat ii so...)</p>

<p>do they grade your accent?</p>

<p>yes, but i'm sure you can get a 5 without having a perfect accent.</p>

<p>They are different, but the AP is considerably harder. Also, she can choose a written only test or written and listening SAT II for foreign languages.</p>

<p>So, if she studies fully for the AP, there's nothing supplemental she needs to do for the SATII?</p>