French Bac. applying for Engineering in the US

okay so I am enrolled in the French system (rigorous system of education ) and I applied for different universities (Stanford, UC Berkeley, Boston University and Calpoly).
I want to know what are my chances to get accepted in each college.
My GPA is around 16.5/20 (it's the highest one in class and it's really good cause in the French system 20/20 is impossible, 18/20 is really really hard to get and 16/20 is excellent)
I did the SAT once without any practice and got a 1850 ( dunno whether it's enough for an international student or not)
My school doesn't offer many activities... I'm taking optional classes Spanish and Sports with volleyball and basketball (the only ones offered)
my EC activities aren't wide because I go to school 9 hours per day and have quizzes all the time,
But I'm a member of the student's union, I'm a member of a scout-like organization, I used to play the piano, I had one summer job in my life (people don't usually do that in my country)...</p>

<p>Is there any hope??
Thank you :)</p>

<p>Most US colleges, especially the ones that receive a lot of international students, are already informed about the grading in different countries. I think, that in France they’d watch out for this, but I would advise you to ask for more info at a specialized office ( </p>

<p>If you’ve never studied for the SAT’s your scores are good, but I doubt that you’ll get admitted to Stanford (impossible) or UC Berkeley with a 1850. Retake the SATs and take subject tests.</p>

<p>On the EC’s I can’t really judge, but your GPA, albeit very good, is still relatively low for Stanford. Don’t forget, that you really should have had a 17 or higher, because the guys that get the 18 are usually the ones, that go to the most selective uni’s. It also depends on the percentile which you’re above.</p>

<p>If you’re in the valedictorian of your class and if you’re, let’s say, top 5% in France, you might correct the GPA problem. </p>

<p>If you really want this, study as hard as you can for the SAT’s!</p>

<p>Thank you for replying…
I know of course that Stanford is impossible…
Can anyone tell me with this level and these scores, which US schools that offer engineering and whose deadlines are after Jan 10 ??
Is there any website where I can access to a list of universities with their deadlines/majors?
Thank you!</p>

<p>University of Michigan has a great Engineering program but it is also tough to get in. (I’m on the waiting list). Purdue from what I hear has a great program. I think they are both on the Common App too.</p>

<p>SaraHakim -</p>

<p>If you haven’t already done so, you should read through everything at [EducationUSA</a> | Study Abroad, Student Visa, University Fairs, College Applications and Study in the U.S. / America](<a href=“]EducationUSA”> and then you should contact the counselors at the advising center in Paris: [EducationUSA</a> - Center Profile - Centre EducationUSA, Franco-American Commission for Educational Exchange](<a href=“]EducationUSA”> They will be able to tell you exactly which colleges and universities have admitted students like you in the past few years.</p>

<p>I’m familiar with the French system, so I can correct some things previously said, and more importantly praise you on that performance. A 16.5 would no doubt correspond to a 4.0, assuming you are taking the hardest course load you can. Which filiere are you in? For engineering, I think you’d need a Bac S, or maybe a specialized one.
Your SAT is way too low. I know it’s hard if your mother tongue is not isn’t english, but if you do not have over 2200 those schools are going to be very, very high reaches. Why choose international students who do not speak English flawlessly when others do? Are you applying for FA? That would also hurt your chances.
It is understandable that your school did not offer many ECs, but in comparison to other applicants who really chased after their passions, you are going to be bland. Sorry to be harsh. Is there anything that makes you stand out? A girl and engineering is always an advantageous combo, but you need substance to back up your claim.</p>

Yes I’m in filiere S specilaite Maths!
If I do my SAT in the January session , will it be too late?
Nope, I’m not applying for financial aid…
Do they consider important the recommendations and the essays?
I really did a hard work in my essays and I guess they’re really good… and my maths teacher who’s been teaching me for 2 years really thinks I’m one of the top few students he has ever seen so I’m sure about what he wrote in the recommendation.</p>

<p>Thank you</p>

<p>Essays are a core part of your application, because the guys at the admission offices want to see who you are through the essays. They want to know who is SaraHakim, what does she like, why should she join us etc. you get the gist… You have to convince them, that you’d be a valuable asset for that institution.</p>