French door refrigerators - recommendations

Well, here’s the latest: fridge was supposed to come late this week. Of course, we get a call that it’s been delayed for more than 2 weeks. Aaaargh!

This seems to be the new norm.

Postponed delivery dates seem to be the norm on many things for well over a year. I understand why there are delays, I just hate when a store declares that something is in stock and will arrive in two weeks then informs me after the delivery date has passed that it will be X more weeks (or months, in some cases) before my order will (might) arrive.


We ordered a Sub-zero wine fridge in January. Still waiting…

We have only owned Sub-zero fridges since 1997 (on house #3 since then), and we have never needed a repair. When we remodeled our current house in 2020, we replaced the old Sub-zero in the kitchen with a new one (it was probably 15 years old) and put the old one in the utility/laundry room.

The old one still works, but the seal needed to be replaced. We had that done and now I can barely get it open! So if your seal on whatever brand of fridge you have is failing, it seems like just getting it replaced would be the best cost effective option.


Friend here ordered a fridge and nine months later she hadn’t received it…despite being told it was “in the warehouse”.

Our fridge is really a clunker. We will order a new one and plan to get a smaller one in the interim if this one dies.

Very true. We bought and remodeled a house that is transitional/modern on the inside and all of our previous homes were more old world, so we have been replacing tons of furniture. Anything custom made (i.e. you choose your own fabric or other features) is taking FOREVER.

I ordered a custom sofa in late November. Received it in July. In January, I ordered a custom built media cabinet (custom in that you choose from various leg styles, length, and door hardware) and it still isn’t in.

I ordered bar stools from Arhaus that were “in stock” on May 3 with arrival date as July 3. We just got them last week. Love them, but 4 months for “in stock” was annoying.

I fell in love with an area rug that is machine-made in July and they just moved delivery date to November 30.

DH fell in love with a furniture manufacturer that makes these really cool coffee tables. We put in an order 2 months ago and still haven’t even gotten a quote back. I’m ready to say “to heck with that,” but they are very unique and he won’t budge.

Patience is a virtue is all I can say…


I am worried about getting strung along. I fully understand the reasons for the delay, but I would hate to get to two weeks from now (the revised delivery date for the new fridge) and then they say it’s delayed again. It sounds like that’s entirely possible and even expected…

I am now back to thinking about getting the parts for the old fridge and just repairing it. If I can do that, I’ll cancel the new fridge order and get one someday if/when these issues get better.

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I’d repair my piece of junk fridge…but the door is rusty…I mean like a hole in it rusty….and the gasket also needs to be replaced. Piece of junk GE.

I’d be fine if I wanted stainless or black…but I don’t.

I spent 7 years in the appliance parts replacement business. First thing I tell friends about appliances is simpler is better. Don’t get frigs with the screens on the door. Don’t get ones with the extra drawer. Those are just things that will breakdown eventually.

I recommend Whirlpool, Kitchen-Aid, GE, and Electrolux brands. Mainly because those are easier to get parts and get fixed faster. Stay away from Samsung. Samsung is tight with the number of distributors in the US and parts are harder to get. Meaning it will take longer to get back up and running. LG is iffy.


My refrigerator woes continue. I have purchased and canceled 4 refrigerators in the last three weeks.

We appear to have gotten extremely lucky yesterday, and located the one we originally wanted in stock. It was the last one available, and it was at a big box store many miles away. It’s allegedly going to be delivered over the weekend, but no extra fees even given the distance.


What a PITA!!! Hope you get your fridge soon. :crossed_fingers:

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Thanks! I feel bad about the cancellation, but to be honest, the salespeople are great. They totally understand.

We bought one yesterday at a non-big box appliance store. The salesperson was wonderful, and spent more than an hour with us. He was very honest saying he couldn’t guarantee any delivery date. We decided to still buy and just wait. A few hours, we were online and amazingly found a single model in stock. We immediately bought it, and I contacted the salesperson who was so good with us yesterday. He said no worries at all, and that he totally understood.

PITA is right, and it ain’t bread! :cry:

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If all goes as planned we will get our Kitchenaid counter depth fridge today. It’s not a built-in model, and will require us to put a fake cabinet above it. Unfortunately I couldn’t get the one that hides fingerprints better, but I felt like I won the lottery when I found what we got actually in-stock at a local appliance store.
I would have paid double to get a built-in that reached just to the counter, and that had side panels easily available, but not over triple the price.
I hope I get used to the new one.


Random question - will ask in that thread too. Do I tip the people who install new fridge? If so, how much?

When we finally gave up on the built-in fridge, we wanted the fridge you ordered. It was available from Costco, but delivery seemed complicated. We wound up getting the 604 series, because it was available from our local place, and they would move the outlet necessary since we went from built-in to counter-depth. (I say that as we took delivery today and they sent people who couldn’t move the outlet. But they plugged it in and they will have other people come and move the outlet soon).

$20 max. If they do superlative service or go out of their way (e.g., number of steps to the installation site etc), perhaps more.

I hope you are chilled! :grin:

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It looks really similar! Enjoy it….Is it just the interior detail that is different? I’ve been really happy with it so far, even happier that I ordered it last February when the retail price was $1000+ lower than it looks to be now!

We got our refrigerator today! Installed and cooling away!


We don’t have the stainless that doesn’t show fingerprints. That’s what I really wanted “yours” for. But it will be fine.
Next we need to figure out how to arrange thing and if we can adjust the door cabinets to hold milk.

Just figured I’d post a fridge update. We thought we didn’t want the ice and water in the door, but turns out we love it.
We actually much preferred the side-by-side freezer, because it was easier to organize, and seemed bigger, but I assume we will learn to live with the bottom freezer.


@1214mom - ditto on the ice/water in the door, we use it all the time and I love it…Who knew!

And also ditto on the bottom freezer, it’s taking some getting used to…we’ve always had a top freezer!