French SAT II

<p>I'm thinking of taking this, along with the Math II and USH subject tests. I'm just wondering how many questions are on this test (no listening) and how hard is it (for a non-native speaker)? I've been taking french for about 3 years. I'm also going to be taking AP French next year so would it be ok to leave off taking this test until then or should i take it now because i might want to apply for early decision?</p>

<p>85 questions, I think. And I found it to be more difficult than the MC section on the AP exam, since there’s a killer 20ish-question-long vocabulary section at the beginning. I’m a non-native speaker who took AP after 3 years and the Subject Test that same year. 5 on the AP test, but only 740 on the Subject Test. So I’d say the Subject Test is difficult, but doable.</p>