French Summer Program or SAT/Volunteer/Work??

<p>Hi, I am a junior in Canada. There is a 5-week Quebec French summer program that is basically free(except registration fee and transportation) and is funded by canadian government... I get to earn college credits and stuff. Sounds pretty good, but in Canada we only have 2 months of break in the summer and I need some time to volunteer, work and study for my SAT IIs. </p>

<p>Which should I choose? The summer program isn't that appealing to me because I'm terrible at French(I didn't take French this year) and I would not know how to communicate at all there. Which one would you choose if you were in my situation?</p>

<p>Well if you aren't that interested in the program, then I wouldn't go. Just because it will look good on college apps, doesn't mean it's worth it. You should definitely spend your time doing something you like as well as doing something worthwhile. I would volunteer at any place that I found to be interesting, and then get a job so I can make money to save up for college.</p>