Freshman AP classes

I’m an 8th grader taking Algebra 1 honors and Biology 1 honors. Could I take Chemistry honors as my science and AP Bio as one of my electives freshman year?

That would be up to your HS‘s class policies. Some HS’s offer a few AP’s and Honors classes to Freshman and some do not offer any. Also doubling up on science classes is not a good idea. What is the rush? For many students, High school is a huge transition. Work with a guidance counselor for the best schedule for you.

I know at my high school the answer would be no. You need a year of bio and a year of chemistry before you can take an AP science. Junor year is when people may double up such as AP physics 1 and ap bio. You probably will have other electives you need to take such as gym, a music/art type class etc which are good to take freshman year.

Don’t be in a rush. You don’t know how you will do in your honors classes yet.

Look at your High School’s Science pathways.
Think about what you want to take in HS. No college expects you to take every AP Science.

Consider what your major would be. If say, pre-med, then focus on taking AP Chem and AP Bio and a Physics.
If Engineering, then think more about AP Physics and Chem and not as much about AP Bio. lists the most common AP tests taken in 9th grade as:

9th grd Total   AP exam
151548  314825  Human Geography
 26704  313317  World History
 10813   96105  Computer Science Principles
  9789  187133  Spanish Language & Culture
  7560  172456  Environmental Science
  5546  260816  Biology

Except for Human Geography (which appears to be used as an honors social studies option for 9th grade students in many schools), taking AP tests (and presumably the associated AP courses) in 9th grade is uncommon compared to the total volume of AP tests.

I wouldn’t suggest AP Bio as a student’s first AP course, especially after only 8th grade coursework. It has one of the lowest 4/5 score rates and is known for being difficult.

There’s really no need to double up on science that early. I assume both have labs so they would restrict how many other courses you can take.

Get through Chem, and I’d suggest Physics the next year, then select AP science(s) - you’d still have two years. Find a solid elective to take instead.

Make sure you have English, Maths, Foreign Language, and History/Social Science (in addition to Chem Honors). Then, if you have more periods and no graduation requirements such as Health or PE, take something a bit different (art, journalism, theater tech, current events, culinary arts) and/or explore the breadth of possible academic interests (robotics, geography…) by taking an actual elective (not honors, not AP).
In terms of AP’s, AP Human Geog and AP World Ancient History would be the most appropriate for freshmen. Wait till you’ve completed Chemistry to take AP Bio.

No such class as AP World Ancient History. Presumably you mean APWH: Modern

Anyway to add on to the others, at most schools, doubling up in 9th grade is not an option given graduation requirements, nor is AP bio as a 9th grader. And for good reason. AP classes are ostensibly college-level courses. Very few 9th graders are ready for college level work.0+

Isn’t Ancient going to be offered Fall 2021 (as a Part I/Part II type course with AP World: Modern?) and thought to be a sort of “Bridge to AP history” the way AP Human Geo is?

Nothing finalized. The CB wants commitments from high schools and colleges before developing. I’m not holding my breath here.

There’s no blanket answer to this question. Depends on the individual kid. I’ve know kids to take AP bio as a 9th grader and score a 5 on the AP test.

CB has said they need “a majority of colleges that receive AP scores to agree to offer credit for an additional AP world history exam” and “ A minimum of 2,500 high schools must attest to their commitment to offering a new AP World History: Ancient course and exam,”

They would need all of that to start the process of developing a course. It certainly won’t be offered, IMO, next year.

I haven’t seen students, parents, school boards, etc. pushing to increase ancient history courses, unlike STEM, which drove the CSP course. I don’t see it happening soon, if ever. is the College Board’s statement on the AP world history course(s).

The answer likely depends on the school and the individual kid. Certainly, it is not “needed” to do double in science in 9th , and I agree for the vast majority of kids it is not ideal to start HS with that kind of intensity. However, one of mine did APStat(A+,5) in 9th (“doubled” in math), and doubled in science in 10th (Ap Chem and APPhys1). APs are not allowed in 9th–this was an exception initiated by the school due to being ahead, yet doubling science in 10th is not overly rare(4-6 kids every year). At the neighboring school, no “doubling” or APs happen before 11th and they seem to all do just fine. So…it just depends. Talk to your school but be careful not to get in over your head so early in HS.