freshman at Loyola in MD - spring semester transfer

<p>Hi, I'm a freshman at Loyola College (in Maryland), and I'm looking to transfer in the spring semester.</p>

<p>I'm looking at Fordham (RH), NYU (CAS), Pace, and Manhattan. </p>

<p>When I applied as a freshman, I was waitlisted at NYU, and, assuming that they will mostly (if not only) look at my high school records, I imagine that I will not make the cut, yet again. I'm mostly doing it because I'm curious.</p>

<p>I had
-650 verbal
-700 math
-710 writing
-3.8 HS GPA
-top 10%
-multiple APs.</p>

<p>I want to go to a school of about the same rank as Loyola, but in NYC or close to it, and one that will, preferably, be willing to give me some money.</p>

<p>Does anyone have any advice they can give me, or any other schools to suggest? Thanks!</p>

<p>Why wouldn't you wait until you have a full semester behind you - therefore, something new for them to look at - and apply for Fall transfer? I have no first hand knowledge, but NYU has a reputation for being stingy with $$. As to merit aid, many schools offer that only to incoming freshmen - have you checked the policies of your target schools?</p>

<p>I know that I should wait out the year, but, I'm not happy down here, and, it's a long story, but, I didn't want to come here to begin with, so, it's quite difficult to wait, even if, logically, I know it's the right way to go.</p>

<p>NYU is terribly stingy, so, even if they were to accept me this time around, I couldn't go. It's more of a pride thing, applying there.</p>

<p>And, yes, I have checked them - some offer need-based money, but not scholarships, to transfers, and some have money reserved specifically to offer to transfers. </p>


<p>PS - although I said CAS for NYU, I meant Gallatin. For the record.</p>

<p>why dotn you like loyola? ive visted many times and im a big fan.</p>

<li>I don't like the distance from my home - I didn't originally think this would be a problem, but, now that I'm here, it is.</li>
<li>Although the population is [socially] more diverse than I thought it would be, I still don't fit in, and, despite my best efforts, haven't really made any friends.</li>
<li>It isn't the college experience I wanted - which I know may be true of everywhere, but, I'm finding it to be far too much like high school for my tastes.</li>

<p>Don't get me wrong, it's a nice school. Decent academics, a gorgeous campus - but not for me.</p>