Freshman at reputable institute of technology looking to transfer. Advice?

<p>I've never intended to stay at this school for more than a year (I have a very long list of reasons this school is a bad fit for me). I only enrolled here because it was (in my mind) my best option at the time.
In the three months I've been here I've consistently been writing articles and making comics for the school newspaper (I intend to submit a portfolio of my comics as supplementary material), and I'm soon to take on the position of assistant editor for the arts/entertainment section of the newspaper. I'm also training to be a radio operator for the school's radio station.
In addition to these ECs, I'm in psychology club (psychology is my intended major) and French club. I also do occasional community service at a local animal shelter.
I'm working on getting a 4.0 this semester and I've gotten ahold of a couple of teachers who could write viable recommendations for me.</p>

<p>As far as high school goes, I was in IB and graduated with a weighted GPA of 4.3. I was president of the FNHS, participated in a French exchange program, got a bronze medal in the National French Competition, and I also worked at an animal shelter. I got an SAT score of 2070 (two 730s and a 610 in math), and with the exception of the 7 I got in French, my IB scores aren't that magnificent (mostly 6s and a couple of 5s). I got some sort of Principal's Honor Award two years in a row and I'm an "AP Scholar" (though my AP scores are too embarrassing to post. I don't think I ever received anything better than a 3).</p>

<p>Do any of you think I have a shot at transfer admission to Wesleyan? I have more than enough to say on my transfer essay (I'm not just going to ***** about my current school); I'm just wondering whether my grades, scores and ECs are anywhere near what one would expect from a transfer student. And I've still got seven more months at this godforsaken school, so I have plenty of time to improve on any current shortcomings... </p>

<p>THANK YOU</p>

<p>P.S. I am beginning to doubt that holding URM status means anything anymore, but I'm legally Hispanic (half Colombian).</p>