Freshman class schedule for pre-med

I am able to enroll in Bio 152 if I can get on the list, but what would be some other recommended courses?

Calc 1 :slight_smile: <= if you are weak in math, just take the easier Calc 1 course
English Composition :slight_smile:

Just make sure by the end of your 4 years, your curriculum looks like this:

and ofc, GPA + mcat is pretty much the end-all for med school (sadly)

You tested out of Bio 151? You might want to retake it though…

I like Madison85’s suggestion. I’d really REALLY consider taking it again. Remember, these “pre” whatever tracks are designed to be done in 4 years. There’s no reward for finishing early. Better you reinforce the fundamentals and find out you didn’t need to, than ignore them all together and regret that decision.

yes @Madison85, I got a 4 on my AP Biology Exam this year

Bio 152 fulfills Comm B because of the 10-15 page research/lab project. Students who take 151 receive guidance and attend prep meetings to help them seek out a professor mentor for their independently designed 152 project. You won’t have that if you start with 152 so be prepared that other students may have a running start on this. You will need to quickly get up to speed.

Why did you post info from Northwestern, @AccCreate ?

@hereford15 have you looked at the Pre-Med Planning Guide on the above website? Have you been to SOAR?

Physician here. A 4 on an AP exam is only like getting a B on a lesser college course than the versions UW offers. Would you consider waiting to take the Biocore Honors sequence after having Organic Chemistry? You need a college major- plan your courses around that for math and sciences. Remember to get an education and not only focus on getting into medical school. Include fun classes- such as some you won’t have time for later. My Art History and Symphony courses have been useful over the years. There is a lot more to life than just medicine.

@Madison85, I have not been to SOAR yet. @wis75, I have thought about the BioCore Honors sequence, I am majoring in Biochemistry. I am just trying to get ideas for a schedule. I have looked in to taking a class like dance.

Because all pre-med tracks are pretty much similar.
I just thought that website was much easier to see visually.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with seeing pre-med tracks at different schools. Is there?
I thought pre-med tracks were all pretty much same… :frowning:

But different universities obviously have different course numbers. Posting Northwestern pre-med track courses on the UW-Madison forum seems a bit odd.

I would highly recommend taking bio 151 and not skipping it. I too got a 4 on my AP Bio exam senior year of high school and skipped bio 151 . . . BIG MISTAKE! There is a huge research project required in 152. They spend a lot of bio 151 telling you about this project and will also explain how to connect with research mentors for your bio 152 project. Even though AP bio covered the Bio 151 material, it is good to review and can get you an easy 5 credit A.

Also, typically people wait until their sophomore year to take biocore or Bio 151/152 because I think gen chem 103/104 or 109 is a prereq if memory serves me right. Furthermore, in my opinion Bio 152 is much too labor intensive for a first semester freshman.

@mademoiselle2308 Thank you!