Freshman Classes

<p>How are the following classes in terms or workload, difficulty, interest?</p>

<p>math 115
econ 101
phil 180
eecs 182
eecs 183
clciv 101
si 110</p>


<p>Econ 101: boring as hell. Slides are posted, I just studied them and stopped going to class. Just make sure you go to discussion.</p>

<p>Phil: This depends. Some people just inherently "get" philosophy. For them, 180 is the easiest thing ever. For those that dont get it, I think it may seem a little difficult.</p>

<p>Math 115: This was my first math class at the university. It was not too bad, although the exams are terrible. I believe one exam had an avg. of 43 or something like that, in which they curve that to a B-/C+. If you do the work and put in the time you will do fine, but people tend to freak out about this class for no reason.</p>

<p>EECS 183: I heard, from a fellow student who had taken the course, that it was a TON of work. They stayed in the library for hours on end before projects were due. Of course, projects are not all the time.</p>

<p>EECS 183 should be pretty time consuming. EECS 182 I don't know, but I imagine the same. The rest should be pretty easy (though I haven't heard of either of the last two, so I'm only guessing there).</p>

<p>I took Phil 180 and it was quite easy. The concepts are relatively simple, and the professor posts lots of practice questions.</p>

<p>Math 115 requires a lot of work. There is team homework every week, and you need to practice a lot outside of class to do well on the exams. When I took it, the averages were in the 40s.</p>

<p>Would it be to much to take econ 101, calc 115, clciv 101, and si 110 in one semester?
Also, what are good calsses to show the Ross School of Business?</p>

<p>You should be fine with those classes. Econ 101 is a weeder class, some find it hard and others find it really easy. Basic concepts, harder exams. Calc I has weekly written homework you complete in a team along with online individual homework. Exams are tough, but a nice curve (B-/C+). That sched. does not look too bad to me at all. No language?</p>

<p>So the classes I ended up choosing were....</p>

<p>Phil 180- Intro to Logic
SI 110- Intro to Information Studies
Calc 115
English 125 </p>

<p>Any thoughts on these?</p>

<p>Curious - why did you choose Information Studies? ...what exactly is that?</p>

<p>Are you taking Phil 180 with MacPherson? If yes, it's going to be great.</p>

<p>Nope, I am taking it with Jacobson. Information studies just sounded interesting to me. Here is the course description: The vaunted Information Revolution is more than Web surfing, Net games, and dotcoms. Indeed, it is the foundation for an economic and social transformation on a scale comparable to the Industrial Revolution of the nineteenth century. As a culture we have learned from earlier such transformations and it is important to recognize those lessons and chart a path toward intellectual and practical mastery of the emerging world of information. At the School of Information, we take pride in our tradition, inherited from librarianship, of "user-centeredness" and public access. For this reason, not only will you, the "user" of this course, be given unusual attention, but intellectually, we will approach information technology from the perspective of end-users and their concerns.</p>

<p>Yea, I read that on the course guide. I was a little interested also, I know there is a brand new major that goes along with that called informatics.</p>

<p>Yea, it should be a good class. Does anyone know if intro to logic is an interesting class or its difficulty level? Also, does anyone know if these are good classes to prepare for applying to the ross school</p>

<p>anyone? Thanks</p>