Freshman Connection Roommate Search

My son will be accepting admission into UMD FC 2024 Class. He’s so excited to be accepted but has some anxiety about the roommate selection. He has heard horror stories from his cousins and friends of incompatible roommates. Is there an unofficial way to find others in freshman connection, a FB or Instagram page where these kids can connect and find common interests etc? Any advice is so greatly appreciated!!

There usually is a Facebook group, but I don’t know if one has been created yet

@klw3513 one piece of advice after witnessing alot of heartache last year related to roommate selections is if your son selects a particular person to live with that they are also FC and commit around the same time. The reason I say this is because last year when roommates came out people who selected to room with each other mutually found out to their shocked surprise that they were not! The reason was because one had commited earlier than the other and thus was able to secure a “better” room (not a triple or a quad) their roommate was not eligible for that room because they committed later and was lower down the list and got put in a triple or quad. So now you have them not in the same room and a big old mess. People trying to roommate swap which really does not work when one room is a triple/quad and the other is double.

I am not familiar with how FC are housed if it is across mulitple dorms? For the LLC and honors communities you are in that dictates the dorm. Housing is in short supply at UMD and frankly you can still have an incompatible roommate even with a match up on FB so it might be a good idea to prep your son to go with the flow knowing all of this.

My daughter was from OOS and she was like…screw it…I’m going random lol. She commited on 4/30. Wound up in a triple with two in state young ladies. No AC because they are trying to melt the honors kids lol. I won’t lie the first couple nights were rough. I think they slept in the lounges which had AC. She has grown up so much! She really appreciates the home cooked food, not wearing shoes in the shower, and AC! : ) Good luck and Congrats!

Hi! My son is in the same boat - I was wondering how your son has done on the roommate front and if you have any advice?