Freshman Dorm Assignments

<p>Does anyone know when freshman dorm assignments come out?</p>

<p>I've heard they come out in July.</p>

<p>To add on to the OP's question, does anyone know if we receive our roommates' names along with our dorm room assignment? I ask this because I will not be able to attend the official move-in day and would like to coordinate the purchase of various dorm room products with them</p>

<p>Last year my D received the name and contact information of her roommate with her dorm room assignment.</p>

<p>I asked on the Harvard Parent thread a while ago, and someone said:</p>

Early to mid-August the housing assignments are mailed. You are given the addresses and email addresses of roommates in order to initiate contact.


<p>ooh, that is earlier than i thought! yay :) thank you!</p>