Freshman Dorm! Got it today!

<p>Stetson Hall - East </p>

<p>This is what I've been assigned to.

<p>Anybody know?</p>

<p>I was just assigned to Stetson East as well, in a standard double on a CBA Leaders themed floor. I haven't really been able to find any details on Stetson East, so I guess I have the same question as the OP.</p>

<p>How is it?</p>

<p>anyone know anything about White Hall? heard its really crowded?
/ since we didnt get rommates yet, room 0456-2 ?</p>

<p>im in stetson west, and my friend who goes to northeastern said its above the best dining hall so im guessing stetson east is too</p>

<p>and the roommate thing is working now!</p>

<p>Steton East and West, we're in luck.
apparently they have their own dining halls :]
And it's supposed to be the better dorms for freshmen</p>


<p>Stetson East and West are located literally door to door from each other
They are both behind the Marino Center (the gym) </p>

<p>Stetson West dining hall has a bit more diverse foods, and a Stir Fry area (you make your own dish, they just cook it)</p>

<p>Stetson East has more typical and common foods, like the grill area where they serve burgers,hot dogs.</p>

<p>Aside from the dining halls theres nothing that makes one better than other.
And its only 30 seconds more walking to get to the other</p>

<p>What's it like?</p>

<p>Speare is nice. It's across from the stetson and also borders huntington. Downstairs is resmail and resnet.</p>

<p>does anyone know how we can sign the Housing & Dining License Agreement? i can find it for fall 2010 on the link they give to us.
Residential</a> Life > Policies > License Agreement</p>

<p>What is Kennedy like?</p>

<p>im in smith, and I have yet to hear something good about it..... scared.</p>

<p>I went to the orientation yesterday.
Smith is in the shadiest corner of the campus.
so far from everything</p>

<p>Thats not really true about smith. Smith Hall is basically across the street from stetson east's back entrance. It is not in a shady location either, and It's maybe a minute farther from everything than the stetstons. You still shouldnt have to walk more than 10 mins to any class. I've only been inside Smith once, but it was nice. The 3 main dorms (stetson east/west, speare) have jail cell like rooms almost. They are very small and not carpeted, with metal beds. I might be wrong, but i remember smith having carpeted floors, which is nice, and it has nicer wood beds. Honestly, all the freshman dorms at Northeastern are pretty nice. And it is definitely not in a shady area.</p>

<p>I lived in Kerr my freshman year which was on the Fenway, basically the street behind where Smith is, and its even farther away from the center of campus. I loved it, and I would never have wanted to live in one of the bigger dorms.</p>

<p>And Kennedy is a suite style dorm, and it used to be the honors housing a while back. I've never been inside, but heard its nice.</p>

<p>Smith is WAY better than Speare or Stetsons, although it's a tiny bit farther (seriously less than two minutes from Stetsons back entrance). I practically lived there for two months with the OLs this summer and it's way nicer than most freshman dorms are. The walk was not an issue at all, and you're right next to the dining halls. Plus the bathrooms are a thousand times better and cleaner than the ones I've seen in most communal dorms, like Speare. </p>

<p>Main issue about Kennedy is I'm pretty sure one side of it doesn't have an elevator.</p>

<p>I lived in kennedy freshman year and loved it. It's all suite style and reasonably spacious. True that one side doesn't have an elevator, but people don't usually mind too much. I wouldn't have wanted to live anywhere else, actually.</p>

<p>Kennedy and Smith are right next to each other on Hemenway and actually a great location. You're close to the dining halls, marino, Cappy's Pizza (which is busiest from 12am-2am on fri/sat), whole foods is around the corner, and the fens are across the street (nice when the weather warms up and people hang out in the park). There are always people walking around on hemenway and lots of parties in the area.</p>

<p>Im assigned to 153 hemenway and i've heard nothing... is it any good?</p>

<p>well thats good to know about smith. the only thing I hope is that my room isnt tooooooo small. I didnt get an economy so it should be okay. i hope.</p>

<p>Mmmmm Cappy's</p>

<p>153 is nice, it's carpeted and depends on which suite you get you may have a living room, which is awesome! Somehow it has a reputation as a party dorm but I think White is the bigger party dorm (it's always the last choice for proctors).</p>