Freshman Dorm Grays

<p>Are there any posted photos, (anywhere???) Youtube, etc. of rooms/suites in Grays Hall (Harvard Yard)?
How many floors in the bldg.?
How are the suites/floors 'numbered' ? (Alphabetically/numerically??)
Angst about space and what to bring to 'move in'!
Appreciate any 'first hand' information.</p>

<p>Bubbe, I was doing the exact same thing of searching everywhere for photos of the dorms! I did visit Grays... the rooms were really small but common room was very spacious. This is the only source of photo we've found so far:</p>

<p>Frosh</a> Dorms Project: Graphical Map</p>

Angst about space and what to bring to 'move in'!
Appreciate any 'first hand' information.


<p>Me too :p!!</p>

<p>Whee, another person in Ivy Yard!</p>

<p>And I don't know if you're interested in trying, but you can contact the people who stayed in your dorm room last year and ask them. [url=<a href="'s%5B/url"&gt;]Here's[/url&lt;/a&gt;] the link you can use to find out who was in your room in past years. :)</p>

<p>Frosh Dorms Project: Graphical Map
Thanks for that link - It was interesting to click on each Dorm and get a feel for the campus since I've not visited.
There was some good information, but sadly GRAYS had no comments and only pics of outside and no pics of an actual dorm room.
There is some discussion on the Harvard Parents thread.
Someone posted GRAYS has only 3 floors - but the outside pics show 4 floors??<br>
Entryways are designated as E (East) W (West M(Middle)
I am guessing that number designates (ie. 23) 2nd floor Room 3?
xrCalico23 - Since you visited - can you confirm?? - and is there a LAUNDRY in GRAYS? - (or do you have to go to WELD?)</p>

<p>When I visited, people in Grays had to do their laundry in the basement of Weld, but from the information on the Freshman Dean Office website it seems as though there is now a laundry area in Grays as well? I'm not sure, actually.</p>

<p>Thank you for pointing out the information in the parents thread. They were really helpful :).</p>

is there a LAUNDRY in GRAYS? - (or do you have to go to WELD?)


<p>The FDO's website indicates that there is a laundry room available in Grays.</p>

<p>Harvard</a> College Freshman Dean's Office Freshman Dorms</p>

<p>No Laundry at GRAYS!!!!! </p>

<p>From FDO's page on Laundry Facilities:</p>

<p>Laundry Facilities
Laundry rooms are available in the following buildings:
Apley for residents of Apley
Canaday for residents of Canaday
Greenough for residents of Greenough
Hurlbut for residents of Hurlbut and Pennypacker
Stoughton for residents of Stoughton, Hollis, Lionel, and Mower
Thayer for residents of Thayer and Holworthy
Weld for residents of Weld, Straus, Massachusetts Hall and Matthews
Wigglesworth for residents of Wigglesworth and Grays</p>