Freshman dorm recommendations?

Can anyone review the freshman dorms and recommend one or two? Including Honors program and other Living & Learning communities? Thanks!

I visited about two weeks ago and went on a freshman dorm tour. I personally know the honors LLC is in Bergami Hall. I highly recommend Bergami Hall or Westside Hall as they are contain the nicest and most comfortable rooms/suites. They are both fairly recently updated and overlook the soccer/lacrosse field.

Westside hall is very nice and has pool tables and a laundry machine down stairs. It’s also very safe- you really don’t want to get an apartment off campus in West Haven- stay away from parts of West Haven outside of the campus. I got a robbed at gunpoint in a neighborhood nearby so you have to be careful and don’t be afraid to contact campus transportation. There’s the Connecticut Transporter Bus,the Yale Bus (UNH students are allowed to ride on the larger bus to and from West Haven to New Haven), the UNH shuttle, and the UNH bus. Also, if you want food from New Haven there’s UberEats which is a lot safer than walking over there are night. The neighborhood that’s between Yale and UNH is a very very bad neighborhood so you really have to stay away from that area. Many students love to go party at Toad’s and eat out in New Haven so it’s important to make sure you have a safe mode of transportation to and from UNH’s campus. Stay safe and enjoy! New Haven is truly a haven of happiness and its nightlife is quite sublime.