<p>I am looking at BU as one of my very possible college choices. I was accepted class of 2015 CAS undeclared.
one of the things that I need to consider is the dorms.
I come from northern CT so i'm not very far away but my parents are moving out of the country next year so the dorms are something I really need to consider because i'll probably be there all year round</p>

<p>so i was wondering, what are the housing options available to freshman???
i know warren and west are popular ones but are there any other options?</p>

<p>(i went on the BU website and looked at all the options. they don't really specify what grades are eligable for what dorms)
also, i saw StuVi2 on the website and i was wondering.. what exactly is it?? like what's a student villiage? </p>

<p>Student</a> Village BU Housing Boston University</p>

<p>the view is beautiful and it looks like a hotel. the girl in the video says she's a sophomore.. so what are the chances of getting a dorm like that soph year?</p>

<p>**ALSO! is it possible to be in a single room as a freshman??</p>

<p>Being in a single as a freshman is lame. Warren/West are the best options. StuVi and StuVi2 are just really nice/new dorms with apartment and suite style rooms. A lot of sophomores get into the suites in StuVi2. The "Student Village" consists of StuVi, StuVi2, Agganis Arena, and FitRec. It's just a few particularly new buildings in a particularly ugly section of campus bounded to the north by the Mass Pike, to the south by Comm Ave, and to the east and west by Buick Street and Harry Agganis Way, two ugly, empty, windy streets.</p>

<p>I'd say you probably don't want to be in a single room freshman year unless you're very social otherwise. It's kinda nice to do the roommate thing when you get to school; it's part of the experience. Agree with BUsenior that Warren and West are's almost all freshmen, everyone wants to meet each other, there are tons of hall activities and stuff like that. </p>

<p>StuVi and StuVi 2 are both very nice, and do look like hotels. I lived there junior/senior years as an RA and loved it.</p>

<p>Download this: MEGAUPLOAD</a> - The leading online storage and file delivery service It's the "Student Union Back Door". It's a word document that gives through descriptions of all of the dorms.</p>

<p>Freshman dorms are typically West Campus and Warren Towers. Although these may not seem appealing and you would probably want to live in Baystate or South ... DONT. People that live in Baystate and South as freshman hate it because:
- It's much harder to make friends because it's not a freshman dorm
- You have to walk to the dining halls
- When you are at parties you will have to walk alone to your dorms</p>

<p>The only benefits would be:
- Dorms besides West/Warren are nicer
- As a sophomore you can opt to stay in the same dorm</p>

<p>Getting stuvi as a sophomore is nearly impossible. You have to be pulled in (aka have an upperclassmen friend)</p>

<p>Warren towers is my first choice
i looked at the community/specialty/theme housing but i didn't really fit into any of them
I'm reluctant to go to west because its far away from CAS and i heard they party a lot over there... i'm more of a quiet studying type but i like to socialize too.
my housing questionaire asks me to pick five dorms and i have no idea what to say after the my first choice, which is warren towers. im thinking of doing towers as my second choice but i didnt really like it when i went there</p>


<p>In my opinion. You will most likely get your first choice if you submit it ASAP!</p>

<p>If things haven't changed from last year you will have the oppurtunity to change your choices after you submit, but your submit date will remain the same therefore you will still have first priority. AKA submit ASAP and you can change without worry</p>

<p>Can you submit the housing survey before paying the enrollment deposit? D's final decision not yet made between BU and another school.</p>

arent brownstones for upperclassmen and specialty housing??
i don't think i fit into any of the specialty housing.
If i do choose a brownstone as one of my choices, should i choose East, South, or Bay Street??</p>

<p>I heard towers was mostly freshman and soph. is that true???
and do a lot of freshman live in the hojo?? i put that as my 3rd choice just cuz it was on commonwealth :(</p>

<p>also a lot of people are recommending WEST. i heard it was a big party dorm.. (not into partying) and its far from campus... </p>

<p>This is my choice so far.. honestly i just want warren -_- I'm going to CAS so i don't want to be far from it.</p>

<p>1.Warren Towers
3.575 Commonwealth Ave.(hojo)
4.West Campus
5. ??????????????????</p>

<p>i'm wondering the same thing about submiting housing survey before the deposit.. does anyone know?</p>

<p>It let me submit my survey and I haven't submitted the deposit yet. It says my survey "has been received but has not been assigned a room yet"</p>

<p>By submitting the housing survey you aren't committing to BU. You can send the deposit afterwards, but please don't quote me on that because I'm not 100% sure.</p>

- Freshman do live in brownstones, but it's not recommended. Its a harder way to meet people and it's farther from the dining halls. Although it is nice because you can choose to keep the same room as a sophomore and the housing process would therefore be a lot easier. East Campus brownstones (which are on Baystate) > South brownstones because of the distance from CAS/main part of campus
- yes Towers is a lot of sophomores. There are a few freshman
- yes some freshman live in Hojo, it is a good third or fourth choice in my opinion. (but if you submit your housing survey in early you will most definitely get your first choice...)
- honestly West isn't bad and they don't really party as often as you probably believe... It's just another dorm that just so happens to be closer to the frat houses ...
- 5th you can do bay state brownstones
- honestly hand in your survey now and you will get warren.</p>

<p>@iakgoi : yep ... that's what it should say.</p>

<p>hi, I want to add another question, do you think I have a strong chance of getting Warren if I didn't put residences and campus area as my most important factor?
I just submitted my housing survey yesterday...</p>

<p>And, if I haven't sent my deposit yet, will I already be entered a number in the 'lottery' for the housing of my interest.</p>

<p>@Miriabilis- I think you have a pretty fair chance of getting into Warren. From what I can tell you, as a sophomore who just went through the housing process, most of everything else that isn't usually considered a freshman dorm (Myles, StuVi, brownstones- even though many freshman can end up there- etc.) is basically filled up. So, chances are that you'll be placed somewhere in Warren, Towers, West based on your preferrences. I can't remember what I put as my "most important factor," but something tells me it doesn't matter that much. </p>

<p>And no, you will not be entered into the lottery until you pay your housing deposit. Good Luck!</p>

<p>Actually 10% (or something like that) of every housing (minus the Stuvi's) are reserved for freshman. This means 10% of brownstones will be for freshman, 10% of south and 10% of myles and 10% of danielson. And then west and warren are generally freshman.
It's something like that. So freshman will get danielsen, etc.</p>

<p>But most likely you will get warren if you submit your housing app early</p>

<p>Does anyone have any general advice for College of engineering students regarding housing? </p>

<p>I found this description of Warren Towers - </p>

<p>"EXTREMELY convenient if you're in CAS or ENG or SMG or SAR. The dorms are pretty small but you'll make lots of new friends and your floor will become your new family. Has a great community feel. Has doubles and some singles and quads. if you wanted more access to downtown Boston, this would be your place - Newbury St is a short 30 min walk away." on the Warren vs. West thread.</p>

<p>Can anyone speak from personal experience?</p>

<p>Warren is extremely, extremely, extremely convenient. Honestly, I would highly recommend Warren to anyone that is not in CGS.</p>

<p>Any thoughts on best dorm for CFA students? West would seem more convenient.</p>

<p>TheDow: That's quite accurate. And it takes less that 30 minutes to get to Newbury, unless you walk really slowly. Warren's convenient not only in terms of proximity to classes, but it also has a great dining hall, a mail room, a small gym, a convenience store, Starbucks and other stuff.</p>

<p>dfbmd1: West is definitely the #1 choice of CFA freshmen.</p>

<p>I don't think Warren has a gym...I thought they took that out this year?</p>

<p>What about 575 Commonwealth Ave guys? is that too far away from classes?</p>