Freshman first semester schedule?

With 2 days left before the priority deadline for course registration, I need some help!

I am coming in with 5s on AP Macro, Micro, Stat, and Calc BC which would waive me from Econ 010, Math 104, and Stat 101.

I am not sure what I want to concentrate in but I am interested in Statistics/Business Analytics. For a lot of Stat courses, I’ve heard that Math 114 is a prereq for more advanced stat classes. Would it be advisable to do Math 114 as a freshman if I’ve been removed from calc for one year? Also, is it terribly difficult and which professors are the best?

This is probably too late considering your deadline was Friday, but 114 is perfectly doable as a freshman. In fact, it’s mostly a freshman class anyway. iirc, the first week is a refresher of Math 104 (Calc I) so that everyone is up to speed with 114