freshman fitness test? what does it exactly consist of?

<p>i found the requirement for the swimming test, but could not find exactly what is in the freshman fitness test. how many students pass? easy or hard for most? do most end up taking the classes?</p>

<p>How fat are you? Can you stand up without assistance? You’ll be fine.</p>

<p>IIRC, there’s:</p>

<p>a step test (they measure your heart rate as you step up stairs)
a grip test (you grip a bar or something and they measure your strength)
bench press (you have to bench some factor of your weight)</p>

<p>there might also be curl ups.</p>

<p>Most students pass out of most but not all of their fitness classes, but you shouldn’t worry. PE in college is wayyy different from high school PE, in that it’s fun and you have greater freedom and choice. People actually sometimes opt to take fitness classes even if they don’t need them to graduate.</p>

<p>Personally, I’m looking forward to Social Dance :)</p>

<p>not to jib or jab at Chicago’s student body - I’ll be joining it this fall! - but I think it’s fairly characteristic of UChicago students to “pass out of most but not all of” fitness tests that consists of curl-ups and a bench press.</p>

<p>There are flexibility tests as well. My ex-dancer daughter who never played a sport in her life passed out of everything; my much stronger, sports-involved son didn’t.</p>

<p>interesting- my daughter is a petite figure skater so we will see how that translates into a fitness test. i think she would also love dance classes.</p>

<p>just as long as you don’t pass out!</p>

<p>true - but there is always the ice rink starting in november</p>

<p>You have to take 3 PE classes. You can pass out of none, some, or all, depending on a point total. Most people pass out of at least one, many out of two, and a fair number out of all three.</p>

<p>The fitness test is kind of weird, in that a lot of the tests are more flexibility than fitness. I passed out of all requirements even though I can barely run two miles, while some actual athletes didn’t manage to do as well. But I wouldn’t worry about it, PE classes are fun. Among the options are archery, racquetball, social dance, and yoga.</p>

<p>I would second zephyra’s comment. I run 5k without a problem but didn’t pass out of all requirements because I scored very very low on both of the flexibility tests. But it’s not that bad. I know plenty of people who don’t have to take PE but do, becuase PE classes make them healthier, etc.</p>