Freshman Florence Experience

The web page says the program is offered to selected incoming freshmen but is pretty vague otherwise. Is it a straight GPA+SAT hurdle?

Anyone know anything else about it?

Not sure. But it’s not limited to freshmen by any means. I know a sophomore who is there now and my son may go next year as a junior.

@CP3rdTimeAround - I’m pretty sure the FFE is different than a standard term abroad program. At least that’s how they make it sound but it may just be a way of help overcrowded dorms.

If Marist is having capacity issues on its main campus (either in classes or in dorms), that may be a way of reducing such problems, since fall semester usually has higher enrollment than spring semester (students who graduate a semester early or late typically have an extra fall semester).

It’s not a capacity issue on their primary campus. They just built several new dorm buildings on their Poughkeepsie campus and housing is assured for all four years for those who want it. They have a campus in Florence and there is housing there on campus for Freshman who study there from the US. Sophomores and above may be placed in various apartments around the city.

Hi! I participated in the FFE Program during the 2016-2017 academic year. It was an incredible experience studying and living abroad as a freshman. I learned a lot about myself, traveled throughout Europe, and discovered more passions. Students who participate in the program are expected to meet traditional admission expectations, but they are also screened as to how they will adapt to a foreign country. Interviews and additional essays are involved. I highly recommend the program for students who are mature, independent, and want a unique freshman experience. You can always go abroad as a sophomore, junior, or senior, but why wait to adventure?