Freshman GPA worriesI


I just finished my freshman year of college and I ended my year with a 3.72 GPA. I don’t know if this is a strong standing as someone who wants to get into dental school. The first semester I had a 3.83 GPA but my second semester I struggled a lot because I suddenly got appendicitis, a death in the family, and I did 21 credits instead of 16. So my second semester ended with a 3.60 GPA. I’m not too mad about my GPA because I did my hardest that semester despite all the fallbacks. To be honest, I am actually quite proud of myself. However, in my two science courses (biology and comprehensive chemistry) I got the two B+'s in those courses. I know I could have done better if I didn’t have so many setbacks. Now I’m really worried because I want to go to UCSF for dental school and I’m not sure if I did a good enough job my freshman year to get to that school. I know there are other dental schools, but for the first time, I actually have a dream school and I really want to do my best to achieve my dream.

Here are some things I do:
Major: Neuroscience and Art Studio (for now)
Clubs: Asian Students Association (treasurer), Ice Skating Club, CCAK (Colby Cares About Kids where I mentor an elementary student)
Work: I work in the art department as an Office Assistant where I help plan events, do errands and make posters on InDesign
This summer: I am working in a summer camp as a counselor and I will be shadowing a dentist for a month.
Predental courses I completed so far: Calculus, English course, Two semesters of General Biology and General Chemistry.

My schedule next year will be Neurobiology, Organic Chemistry, Painting, and Japanese 3.

Also, what are some things I could do to make my application for dental school better and will dental schools understand my situation?

Your freshman GPA is fine. Does your college have a pre-dent club? Your application is strengthened by activities that show a love of dentistry: shadow multiple dentists, volunteer at a clinic, join the pre-dent club and plan community activities.

Are you in-state for UCSF? That’s a very expensive DS, even if you are. You are best off not having a specific dream school, but having your dream be the cheapest one you get into. 12000 students apply every year for about 5000 slots. Target the ones you have the best chance of getting into. Everyone that gets accepted, and completes their requirements and passes their boards, graduates with a DDS or DMD. It really doesn’t matter where you went: the challenge is getting in.