Freshman GPA?

<p> it calculated into your GPA at columbia?</p>

<p>lol I HIGHLY doubt it.</p>

<p>High school freshman into college GPA or high school freshman into GPA for admissions purposes or college freshman into college GPA?</p>

<p>No, yes, yes.</p>

<p>admissions =/</p>

<p>i heard princeton or some similair school do not use your freshman gpa in their system of comparing you to other applicants</p>

<p>I've heard of other schools doing that....UC Berkeley..Stanford...</p>

<p>If you're worried about a low freshman GPA, I wouldn't worry. I have one as well, but I've been told from several on the CU boards that it won't matter too much, if any, as long as you do well your other three years, because colleges realize that freshman year is an adjustment year so you may have trouble in it, or ,using me for an example, you just didn't care about school till sophomore year. Anyways, I hope it won't be stressed too much, since they will see your courses and grades. They are smart and will make the right decision, we all hope.</p>