Freshman Grades?

<p>3 Questions regarding 9th grade grades:</p>

<p>1) How much do freshman grades count (on your transcript- I know it affects GPA/rank, but the actual grade it itself)?</p>

<p>2) Which prestigious colleges do not calculate freshman grades into the GPA? I know the UCs, Princeton, and Stanford don' you guys know any others?</p>

<p>3) Okay, so I am a freshman in high school and screwed up my GPA already! Dandy. Haha I received two B+s, (missed the A- cutoff by .4) which lowered my GPA to a 3.87, which isn't bad. I still have one trimester left and am confident in getting a 4.0 that tri. My weakest subject is science and both Bs were in science. However, I am taking an online science course for Chem (WAY easier than schools') so I won't have to worry about it. Thing is, besides science, I held a 99.5 avg so I am also pretty ensured about getting a 4.0 all throughout sophomore year. Although I am merely a freshman, I have a few colleges in mind (UChicago and Columbia) because I went there for summer programs and fell in love with the campus'! Of course I'm not 100% sure about college decisions yet, but if my stats stack up I know that I'll apply to elite schools such as those. Will the 2 B+s kill me, even if I can get my overall GPA higher?</p>

<p>Thanks in advance :)
PS I know I may be overthinking it cause I have 3 years left, but seeing all the college RD stats roll in on CC made me anxious and a little worried about those two hiccups. Sorry about the ridiculously long post :P</p>



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<p>Legitimately you need to chill. You can get into a great school with a 3.87Gpa and you’re only a freshman so don’t let this site worry you. Since it’s worrying you so much, you may want to save this site for your junior and senior years. Anxiety isn’t good for a freshman. Seriously chill you still have three years to make mistakes or get better. High school goes by mad fast so enjoy it. College will come in due time.
Also, Bs are not as bad as you think. Your overall Gpa is still an A- tons of schools will still love for you to go there.</p>

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