Freshman honors seminar

<p>Did everyone receive this email? :</p>

<p>Dear Freshman,</p>

<p>I join the other members of the administration and the faculty in welcoming
you to the College of Arts and Science at New York University.</p>

<p>The purpose of this communication is to let you know about the College’s two
kinds of seminars designed specifically for incoming freshmen—the Freshman
Honors Seminars and the Collegiate Seminars. Both sets of courses feature very
small classes that deal with a range of major topical issues in a challenging
and rigorous way, taught by some of the leading scholars and scientists in the
world. They offer a splendid opportunity for students, at the very beginning
of their academic careers, to do honors-level work and to interact closely
with our best faculty—professors drawn from many of NYU’s schools as well as
from the ranks of New York City’s professional and intellectual leaders.</p>

<p>The Collegiate Seminars are distinctive in that the professors teaching them
will serve as the students’ mentors not only during the semester of the
seminar but throughout their undergraduate careers. In subsequent terms the
faculty will work with the students to create special activities for the
group. These might include a session with a renowned scholar; a museum,
theater, concert, or film outing; or a dinner discussion meeting on a book or
poem. An annual reunion of the instructor and students will also serve to
strengthen further the bonds formed during the seminar. In registering for one
of the Collegiate Seminars, students are expected to commit themselves to
participation in the activities beyond the semester-long course.</p>

<p>I encourage you to consider enrolling in one of these seminars, which I know
you would find very exciting and stimulating. When you come to the campus for
Freshman Orientation, you will be registering for your fall semester courses.
Even before then, you can check out the descriptions of the seminars online,
at this address:
NYU</a> > A & S > Honors Programs.</p>

<p>Have an enjoyable summer.</p>


<p>Otto Sonntag
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs</p>

<p>Yes, I believe everyone got it.</p>

<p>Hmmm sooo we can just sign up for them? what do we do? does it look good to grad schools or something?</p>