Freshman in Fall of 2012 questions

<p>I am going to be a Freshman in the Fall of 2012. I am from out of state and because of this I don't know anyone else who will be attending in the fall. Anyone know of a Facebook page or anything where other freshman are meeting new people? It would be awesome to know at least a couple of people going into next year.</p>

<p>I have also been researching different dorms and if anyone wants to compare notes that would be very helpful as well! Any advice from current students or anyone else is appreciated.</p>

<p>I think this is the largest group so far:</p>

<p>[Facebook</a> link](<a href=“]Facebook”></p>

<p>I’m in it. There was so good stuff posted in there, it informed me about ■■■■■■■■ where i found someone i will probably end up rooming with</p>

<p>Edit: jk that link wont work just search university of florida class of 2016 on facebook its a group</p>

<p>2nd edit: jk again i got it to work. Haha :)</p>

<p>Thanks for the information! I checked it out and it looks like ■■■■■■■■ will be very helpful. Did you search your matches and contact them first or did someone contact you?</p>

<p>Warning: You have to pay for ■■■■■■■■.</p>

<p>I just noticed that you can’t see anything unless you upgrade your membership. Thanks for the heads up</p>

<p>Word of advice. Make the account, and then just let it sit. The people that did pay will come to you. That’s what I’m doing, and it’s proving successful</p>

<p>I did not pay and see everything. Im confused as to how you cant. I contacted a couple people first too</p>

<p>When I was an incoming freshman I used the facebook app called Roombug which was affiliated with UF. I found my current roommate on it and we get along great! Try it out</p>

<p><a href=“[/url]”>UF Class of 2016 | Facebook</a></p>