Freshman living off campus - where to park?

<p>Daughter will be living in Forest Gardens area (Covington Villas) (exit 77 and past Bryant High School)... Not sure if she will be coming to campus via interstate or if she will just stay on Buttermilk to University and come in that way (personally I like the University Blvd way better).</p>

<p>Any recommenations on what parking lot she should try to register for and when that occurs?</p>



<p>She will register for commuter parking. Parking zones are by color according to where you live. I think all commuter parking is the same color, so I believe all commuter lots would be available to her.</p>

<p>No, commuter parking is divided into three zones as well. This year the zones were Northeast, Southeast and West. There is also Perimeter parking, which is further out from the center of campus but is cheaper than commuter parking. The best parking zone depends on which part of campus you daughter will be in the most.</p>

<p>I didn't realize that. Thanks for the info.</p>

<p>Yes -- thanks for the info; looks like I need to look up the three commuter areas and also the perimeter areas -- then put them in priority order. I'm actually in Tuscaloosa today for other reasons (FIL in Northport hospital) -- just rode out and saw the 3/4 lots associated with NE Commuter (I think it was NE, was close to outdoor pool and Rec Center). Those looked nice and a Crimson Ride shuttle was coming through.</p>

<p>I'm about to head over to Tuscaloosa for the weekend and hope to scope this out also.</p>

<p>Parking maps at the link below. The maps are valid for this year only, and changes could occur next year.</p>

<p>Parking</a> Maps and Zones</p>

<p>DS has several classes in the business college so he has the West Commuter pass. It has worked out very well for him. He doesn't have to take the bus to any of his classes.</p>

<p>Since daughter just signed a lease at East Edge, the new apartments between the hospital and the School of Law, parking will not be an issue anyway. She can walk to both College of Nursing and DCH with no problem or catch the bus at the School of Law if she wants. The new UA police department building next door is a plus also. This is an excellent location for both law and upper division nursing students.</p>