FReshman Looking for a Parking Space to Rent

<p>I was informed that the Frat houses occassionally rent parking spaces to a freshman undersclassmen. Is this true? I would be intereted in having my car while I am in Hanover, but I am not sure of the availability for parking. I am a 2016, and I also greatly appreciate brief descriptions on the personality of each Dorm. Favorites? Onces you hated? And Why? Which Drms do athletes prefer? I might ask for a single, but I'd stil like to see people/friends alot in my Dorm. I will leave my door open alot, a do like having alot of friends, I would just like a little time to myself sometimes.
Thank you!</p>

<p>I don’t think you get to select a dorm, except that you can request substance-free housing or the East Wheelock cluster.</p>

<p>I agree that it is nice to have a place where you can close the door and be alone. It seems that many, although not all, doubles are 2- or 3-rm suites. His first year, my S had a 3-rm suite: two tiny bedrooms and a small common room big enough for 2 wardrobes, a minifridge, and a futon couch. He’s now a senior, and has never actually had to share a bedroom with another person.</p>

<p>Sorry for the typos in the last post. I really can spell. I worked late at the restaurant, and, well, I was wiped out. Anyways, I know that D frowns on freshman having cars. But, I have cousins at Middlebury and hope to find time to take an occassional road trip. So does anyone know of options to “rent” a parking space?</p>