Freshman Orientation Programs

<p>Our son is headed to Ohio Wesleyan as a freshman and I'm just wondering if other schools have the extensive and elaborate orientation programs OWU offers. He need to be there five days before classes start, and they engage in a bunch of team-building and social activities. I don't remember any of that 30 years ago. I just set up my room and had to fend for myself....Is this a generational thing, where the hand-holding so common among baby boomer parents continues into college, or are these programs really useful in helping kids adjust to life away from home? Any and all comments would be welcome!</p>

<p>Best of luck to your son! Let us know how your son enjoys OWU! We visited and found OWU to have a lovely campus.</p>

<p>Our son went to a different school in the south. They also ran an orientation program for several days. He had to go there in June to meet his advisor and sign up for courses. None of this was accomplished during orientation. If I remember correctly, orientation was more about learning one's way through campus, and meeting new friends. There were a lot of games played to break the ice, and there was a scavenger hunt to begin to learn one's way through the campus. There were meetings with the RA to go over rules and regs, and getting to know others through thiings like BBQs and pizza dinners. There was entertainment provided (ie:hypnotist).</p>

<p>BTW, a similar amount of years ago, we also had an orientation. It lasted 5 days, and we had such a good time. I made some very close friends during those 5 days. Funny, I do not remember the orientation itself, I just remember how much fun it was, and I remember making a few longlasting friendships during my orientation. I also remember being so scared, and feeling much more comfortable once I got into my orientation.</p>

<p>My son will be a junior at OWU this fall and he was an orientation leader last year. He thought that much of the program was a waste but it does allow a good time for freshmen to meet each other and mix a lot without all the other students there. So--good for mixing, not so great for info. Hope your son enjoys his OWU experience.</p>