Freshman preparation

<p>my daughter will be in NU2016 this summer, I would like to know the info about the followings,</p>

<li>When student dormitory is open?</li>
<li>Should we reach the uni before the open date?</li>
<li>If yes, normally how may days before the open date we should reach the uni?</li>
<li>As my daughter is international student, we have to open bank account there, which bank account is suitable for international student? and how long does it take to open a account?</li>
<li>How about mobile phone? how long does it take to subscribe a phone? which tel company is better?</li>
<li>My daughter may want a personal computer, we understood there will be computer promotion during summer term, is it right? </li>
<li>Is it easier to buy some personal stuff, su as towel and clothing?</li>


<p>Hi nu2016-
For my daughter when she was a freshman-
She did not arrive at the university until Wildcat Welcome which the school offers to incoming freshman, by way of explaining I do not know many answers to your questions. I do know she preferred Verizon for her phone service as reception seemed to be better at NU than ATT which she had initially. She used Bank of America rather than the bank that was on campus, and her computer of choice was Apple.
We went shopping for dorm room items upon her initial arrival. After her freshman year, she did her own shopping.
I hope this helps-
~APOL-a Mum
Because your daughter is an International student, you might also check out this page:
[International</a> Visting Students - Admission & Registration - Summer Session - Northwestern University](<a href=“]International”>
I copied this section: Useful Resources for International Students</p>

<p>Northwestern University’s International Office provides information about visas, housing, meal plans, health services, travel, banking and pre-arrival information. All international students are required to register with the International Office upon arrival to Northwestern University. For more information, please contact:</p>

<p>International Office
Northwestern University
630 Dartmouth Place
Evanston, Illinois 60208
Phone: 847/491-5613<br>
Fax: 847/467-2147
Email: <a href=“”></a>
Web: [International</a> Office - Northwestern University](<a href=“]International”>Office of International Student and Scholar Services - Northwestern University)</p>

<p>Hi APOl,</p>

<p>thanks a lot and should it be quite easy and just a couple of hours to make mobile phone subscription and bank account opening?</p>