Freshman query

Being a freshman, please can you suggest when I should start preparing for SAT/ACt exams. Any inputs would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

My kids started preparing at the start of their junior year.

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NOT NOW, take a deep breath, and wait a year. People take PSAT, ACT, and/or SAT for the first time sophomore year at the earliest. If you do that choose a spring test date and study a couple of months before that test date, but don’t put too much pressure on yourself because it’s still a practice run. For Junior year tests, maybe start studying that summer but it depends on your test date and abilities.


Thank you Abby, taking a breath right now :grinning:!

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Thank you happy1! I am going to do that :grinning:!

Much too early to start. Most juniors take the SAT or ACT in the spring. I suggest no more then three months out. Furthermore, by the time you apply, who knows if colleges you are interested in will still require these tests.

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True Linda, thank for your time and advice, it is truly valuable for someone like me!

My D (a junior this year) started studying this past spring, but I think it was much too early. We have hired a consultant who wants her to wait until winter. The consultant achieved great results with our neighbor’s kids so we are following her advice.

Thank you, I think I will do the same thing, wait it out until Junior year :grinning:!

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You should take the PSAT Sophomore year to get familiar with the testing process and format. Maybe take one official practice test a week or two before so you know what it looks like, but don’t worry about the score.

The summer before Junior year is a good time to prepare. If you’ve finished Algebra 2, pairing the PSAT with the October or November SAT is a good plan. If you’re taking Algebra 2 Junior year, wait until March or May, as the content from Algebra 2 will help on the SAT.

Thank you RichinPitt, I will take PSAT in sophomore year, this is why I come here for advice. Everyone opens my eyes a little bit :grinning: