Freshman questions

<p>I'm an entering freshman and I don't know anything about the town. I can't visit, so any and all information about the school/town would be great. Is anyone in the honors program on here? I'm curious to know what it's like from a student's perspective.</p>

<p>The town is an old one but still growing one. Many new stores and restaurants have opened in the last 10 years. LC is located in an older section of town that is sort of in the middle--not the best nor the worst part of town. The nice part of town near Randolph College is really beautiful with many older colonial homes with large yards. Dowtown is trying to comeback from years of neglect and there are a number of interesting new restaurants and businesses but it still has work to do. You do have several Starbucks, other coffee places, Barnes & Noble, Target, Kohls, and many other national stores for shopping. I think there are three movie theaters. The countryside outside of town is very nice with lots of hills and farms.</p>