Freshman Rules

<p>Is it true that there are really strict rules for freshman at Nova???</p>

<p>Nova isn't Penn State. They don't want freshman hanging around outside the dorm rooms drunk. Some RAs look the other way if you keep things quiet and stay in your room and you figure out which ones will let you get away with it and which ones to not mess with. There aren't huge parties on campus with large groups hanging around outside. The campus is fairly small and quiet. To the best of my knowledge if you get caught, they take you to Villanova student court and decide your fate if you get written up. I think you have to take the equivilant of AA classes. It is for your own good. If you have a drinking/drug problem they try to help you. But if you keep yourself under control and don't get taken to the hospital in the VU ambulance, I think you get off with a warning for the first offense. If you get caught by the local police, they will eat you for lunch, but the campus public safety is generally friendly with the students. </p>

<p>No co-ed rooms at night was the biggest complaint I heard, but really do you think it is that hard to sneak someone into your room or have somone come early and not leave by midnight? </p>

<p>If VU is one of your choices and you like the school, I wouldn't let the freshman rules get in the way. The first month might seem like summer camp in the dorms as far as rules go, but they ease up a bit. Remember, the schools are trying to appeal to your parents also, and parents want to know their kids are safe, so of course they are going to make it sound like you will be put in solitary confinement for drinking. </p>

<p>What rule were you concerned with?</p>

<p>Well my boyfriend is going to school in florida so i was wondering how hard it would be for him to actually stay in my room if he came up to visit....</p>

<p>I think the RAs might do a room check your first few weeks, but not all year unless there are lots of problems. And it wouldn't be more than a knock on the door to make sure you are ok. If you keep the noise down and your roommate is ok with it, I don't see a problem.
It might be strange for your roommate however if she is trying to sleep and the two of you are giggling and playing in the sheets.</p>

don't worry about it, it really isn't hard
just ask a guy friend to sign him in</p>

<p>@ dbear: Shhhh! Don't give them too many hints.</p>

<p>just dont be an idiot</p>