Freshman SAT Scores

<p>Hey everyone,</p>

<p>If your freshman SAT scores are too low, would colleges, ones that require all SAT scores, reject you even if you scored high in your junior year?</p>


<p>The vast majority of colleges consider only your highest score, so your freshman score would have no effect.</p>

<p>Even ones that require all of them?</p>

<p>That is correct. Also, the idea that a single score (even your highest score) could automatically result in rejection is untrue, though with very low scores this may be a practical reality.</p>

<p>You took the SAT as a freshman??? Why???</p>

<p>Isn't that just a waste of an oppurtunity to retake the test? (I heard that if you take the test 4 or more times, colleges tend to view you as a test-freak...)</p>

<p>I always thought that if a retake yielded a 150+ pt. increase, it would be viewed favorably.</p>

<p>It shows that you aren't "obsessed" with test scores, and have a nice upward trend.</p>

<p>I had to take it fall of sophomore year for admissions to a sort of magnet school. I didn't do very well, but I'm not going to use score choice because I think it shows a lot of improvement.</p>