Freshman Schedule Kelley & Hutton DA

Hey guys, I am trying to map out my freshman schedule for IU. Like it says in the title, I am a Kelley and Hutton Honors College admit with a potential finance major. By the time I enter, I should have AP Credit for Micro, Macro, US History, Calc AB, US Gov & Pol. With this information and the gen ed requirements, I created this sample schedule, and was looking for some feedback. Is this too heavy of a load, especially first semester?

Fall 2016:
Hisp 200
Math Class- Read below
Natural Science- Read below (Any suggestions)

Spring 2016:
P140 vs POLS- Y105 (Open to suggestions for other AH Course)
Hisp 250

I wrote Math Class because I was placed in M211 from the placement test, but do I still get credit for Finite? I should get credit for taking Ap Calc AB, so does that mean I am all exempt from calculus and can go right into Stats?

I am confused on whether I have to have 5 or 3 credit hours of Natural Sciences. On the website for the general education requirements, it says I must have complete 5 credits. However, on other College Confidential posts regarding the schedule, multiple members have said I only need 3 credits.

You still need to take finite regardless of your placement score, but you don’t have to take calc if you get AP credit for AB. To meet the N&M requirement, you need 2 N&M classes totaling 6 credits, but finite counts as one of those classes and is 3 credits. That means you only need 1 natural science class to fulfill the requirement. Beware that not all N&M classes are natural science. I’d recommend PSY-P 101 introductory psych for the natural science class. Everyone I know that took the class said it was easy. You could take psych online too - it’s an absolute joke and easy A online.

You are also going to need compass (T175) and A100 at some point during your freshman year. I would add one of those 2 to your 1st semester, and postpone the natural science to another semester in order to avoid taking a ton of credits. Also, what is P240?

@iubaccounting I am fairly certain that I won’t have to take calc, so my first semester math class will be finite then. That would mean I would cover the math requirements. Would there be space to put S301 in sophomore year? I want to avoid taking a lot of credits, especially freshman year.

I will take your advice and put PSY-P 101 in second semester along with T175. A100 will have to go to the first semester.

P240 is Business & Morality. It covers one of my arts and humanities courses. I’m still deciding on the other course. Any suggestions there?

Yes, you will have space for stats sophomore year. That schedule for first semester looks pretty good to me if you replace the natural science with A100. Make sure to use and when planning out your schedule.

Okay, so here is an updated schedule:
Hisp 200

Hisp 250
PSY- P 101
Another arts history course

@iubaccounting I have two questions left about my schedule:
Do all majors have to take 4 semesters worth of Spanish? Do I need to take these Spanish classes?

Do you have any suggestions for good/interesting/easy arts and humanities courses like intro to psychology?

You don’t actually have to take Spanish at all. You could just take 2 classes that double count to fulfill your WC and A&H requirements at the same time. (click on “View the full list of Common Ground requirements”)

I would recommend this unless you really like/want to learn Spanish. The 2 classes I took are Ancient Greek Culture (CLAS-C 101) and Intro to the Old Testament (REL-A 210). Both were fairly easy A’s and did not require a ton of work/reading. You can search for other classes that sound interesting here.

If you want to do that, I’d replace both Spanish classes with the double-counting classes, and replace P240 with a couple I-Core prereqs like G202, D270, K303/K304, or Stats. You’ll get a handle on scheduling for 2nd semester when you get on campus, so I wouldn’t worry about having a set plan for that now. First semester looks good, and just replace Spanish with a double-counting gen ed if you want to do that.

You did make sure you didn’t get the necessary SAT/ACT scores to test out of W131 right?

@iubaccounting Wow that is a game changer. I was not looking forward to continue with Spanish. I will most certainly do that. I might take Ancient Greek Culture, but I’m not gonna take intro to the Old Testament. I’m not very religious at all, so I don’t think I would be as better off as my peers.

Unfortunately, I was just below the English score on the ACT. Therefore, I don’t have credit and will have to take it. What have you heard about W131?

None of my close friends at IU took W131 that I know of, but I have heard it can be a tough grading class depending on the professor. I would take a little time to sort through the double counting classes to find some that sound interesting to you and has a decent grade distribution. Ancient Greek Culture wasn’t the greatest class ever by any means, but it was mildly interesting and had little work with the professor I had (Margaret Foster). But yeah, the double counting classes really open up your schedule and give you more space to take some other interesting classes or take a bit lighter of a load.

@CTkid47. There is an Honors section of the Finite Math. I think my son is going to take that one.

@Candlewoodgal @iubaccounting Are honors classes harder? What is the harm in taking more honors coursers? Aren’t they more personalized and smaller classes?

@CTkid47. We were told that the honors classes are much smaller and always taught by a full professor. I would also like to know if they are much more difficult.

@Candlewoodgal Maybe @IUBOOS can help with this, too. This is important, so I want to get as many perspectives as possible.

Look at the official grade distribution page - I looked up a few Bio / Gen Science related classes for Honors vs non Honors and the Honors classes appeared to have done a lot better grades wise. But of course it could be a self fulfilling prophecy of sorts.

In general, honors classes are not that much different in my experience. Sometimes it can be easier to get a good grade in an honors class (K204), and you also get better groups if there is group work (C106). I don’t see the point of taking honors finite though because there is no group work, and tests are curved based on how people do (which is always terrible as a class), so you will get a big curve in regular finite. Not sure how that works in honors though.

Thanks @iubaccounting, that’s very good info on the finite math classes! We were just thinking that it would be a good way to get some honors credits since my son wants to graduate with the honors designation. Sounds like there better ways to do that. He’s also very intersted in one of the courses listed in the email he got from the honors college, maybe he’ll do that one instead.

No problem @Candlewoodgal If your son is in Kelley, I’d highly recommend C106 and K204 for honors credit. Also, you need 2 honors classes that are directly from Hutton (any class number starting with HON-H) for the honors notation. I wouldn’t take C106, K204 and a Hutton class all first semester though.

Hi-I am an incoming freshman at Kelley, and I’m registering for classes this week. I am hoping to major in Accounting, Finance, or Marketing. I would also like to double-minor in Spanish and Media and Creative Advertising. Does this schedule look good for first and second semester?

First Semester:

  • Kelley Compass I (BUS-T175) [1.5 hr]
  • Finite Math (MATH-M118) [3 hr]
  • Business Presentations (C106) [3 hr]
  • KLLC Development (BUS-T134) [1 hr]
  • Basic Accounting (BUS-A100) [1 hr]
  • Visual Communications (MSCH-C226)[3 hr]
    For Spanish I’m considering taking one of the following:
    [3hrs for all]
  • HISP-S 324, 326, or 315 (280 if I don’t test into the 300 level).

Second Semester:

  • Computer in Business (K204) [3hr]
  • Calculus (M119) [3hr]
  • Spanish (one from above list) [3hr]
  • Media (C101) [3hr]
  • Psychology (P101) [3hr]

I tested out of English Comp. (ENG-W131), so I don’t have to worry about that. Additionally, I am taking Microeconomics (E201) over the summer. Please let me know if there is anything I should change or if you have any general tips (not necessarily pertaining to class scheduling). Thanks!!


That looks okay to me, but first semester might be challenging. It’s definitely doable though (I took C106, K204, M118, and A100 all 1st semester of freshman year).

C106 is an easy grading class, but it requires a lot of time and work. Compass is a joke and easy A, but there is work and some of it can be time-consuming.

Finite is difficult for a lot of people, but if you are good at math or have taken stats before, you should be fine. The math in the class is not hard, but the logic part and knowing when to apply which equation can make it difficult. Stats knowledge is not required, but we learned almost everything in the class in the AP stats class I took senior year of high school.

Accounting will be extremely easy if you had accounting in high school, but even if you didn’t, you should still do fine as long as you put in the work. Just do the practice tests. I don’t know anything about Spanish or communications.

Overall, all of the early classes at Kelley are very doable and it is very possible to get an A in all of them. Just make sure to stay focused and try not to party too much if you are into that. It seems to be really easy to make friends in the KLLC (I didn’t live there but spent a ton of time in my friends’ rooms), so make sure to reach out to people early in the year and you should have several good friends and resources for class help. You got into Kelley for a reason, so prove them right! FWIW, I find myself somewhat missing being at IU/Kelley over the summer. I don’t miss everything about it, but I would not have said the same thing about high school.


Thanks so much! This was so helpful, and I just finished AP stats so I’m glad to hear it will come in handy. So excited for the fall!

As a side note, you give out some of the best advice on CC for IU.

@ogsquirrelgirl You’re welcome. I am just trying to help people out that were in the same situation I was in a year ago, and I got a lot of great advice here. It’s annoying that Kelley won’t let you use AP credit to get out of their stats class, but AP stats will also help you with that. Good luck next year.