Freshman Schedule

<p>I am an incoming freshman currently declared as an Environmental Science major in CNR. After a great deal of thinking I am considering switching to a Physical Science major in L&S on the Geophysics track. With CalSO coming up, I am wondering how my scheduling will work. Will my CNR advisor be able to help me work out a schedule incorporating my major change or not? I am very confused about all this and any clarification would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.</p>

<p>The Physical</a> Science major is no longer accepting new students, and will be discontinued after spring 2013.</p>

<p>Do you really mean Earth</a> and Planetary Science major? That has a Geophysics track.</p>

<p>Note that you can make progress to both Earth and Planetary Science Geophysics and Environmental</a> Science in the first few semesters, because many of the requirements taken early in your university career are the same:</p>

<p>Math 1A, 1B (AP</a> credit may let you start in a more advanced course than 1A)
Chemistry 1A
Physics 7A, 7B</p>

<p>Some of the other early requirements for Environmental Science (e.g. the biology and economics courses) can fulfill breadth if you change to Earth and Planetary Science.</p>

<p>A freshman schedule assuming no AP credit that will let you work toward both majors would be:</p>

Math 1A
Chemistry 1A
Environmental Economics and Policy C1</p>

Math 1B
Physics 7A
Biology 1B or 11/11L or breadth</p>

<p>Yes sorry that is what I was referring to. I was just wondering whether my CNR advisor would help me set up a schedule for a different major. Also, does a 5 in AP Chem exempt me from Chem 1A?</p>

<p>The Chemistry department considers a 4 or 5 on AP Chemistry to be equivalent to Chemistry 1A for the purpose of prerequisite to Chemistry 1B or 3A. For</a> Environmental Science, a 4 or 5 is accepted for Chemistry 1A. The Earth and Planetary Science web site make no mention of AP Chemistry credit; contact them directly and ask.</p>

<p>Do you have other AP credit? If you can start in Math 1B or higher, you can get started immediately with Physics 7A.</p>

<p>Okay thank you very much I will call and ask.</p>

<p>Yes I have a 5 on Calc AB and am about 95% sure that I got a 5 on the BC test as well.</p>

<p>5 on AB => you can take Math 1B
5 on BC => you can take Math 53 or 54 (but self-study introductory differential equations over the summer)
Advanced</a> Placement (AP) Examinations - UC Berkeley Department of Mathematics</p>

<p>This means that you can take Physics 7A first semester and Physics 7B second semester (note: Math 53 is needed previously or concurrently with Physics 7B). Since the Physics sequence is the long chain of prerequisites for EPS Geophysics, it makes sense to start it immediately if you can.</p>

<p>Thank you very much for your timely responses, you have been extremely helpful! ^_^</p>

<p>Here is a fall schedule that can work to both majors:</p>

<p>R&C A
Math 1B or 53
Physics 7A
Environmental Economics and Policy C1 / Economics C3</p>

<p>Have some other courses in mind in case some of your desired ones are full. For example:</p>

<p>English C77 / ESPM C12 (any one of four possible breadths)
ESPM 50AC (any one of three possible breadths, and American Cultures)
EPS 50 (EPS major)
Biology 1B or 11/11L (ES major or biological science breadth)
Chemistry 3A (if you are still considering the ES major)
Honors math or physics instead of regular if you are strongly interested in the subject</p>

<p>(Note: see L&S</a> 7 course breadth list.)</p>