Freshman Seminars C96 and Hist24

<p>So how much homework, if any, do these seminars assign?</p>

<p>I'm taking these two, along with Math 53, Chem 4a, Phys 7A, Theater 52AC (easy fun course supposedly, with almost no homework) for my first semester. </p>

<p>C96 is required for my major and History 24 is a seminar on Napoleon, which I thought would be really interesting :)</p>

<p>Is this a bad idea?</p>

<p>I've heard that the work in Chem C96 is simple, so it should be nothing to sweat about. Then again, I'm an incoming freshman, so another person's insight may help :)</p>

<p>i'm in CoC too, and i'm taking chem 4a, math 53, anthro 3AC, chem C96, and slavic 24 (another freshman seminar).</p>

<p>i think that the seminars should be fine...but then again, the seminar i picked involves just reading war and peace and probably discussing. but i think 910eggmen is right, chem c96 shouldn't be too much work--it's P/NP and involves largely just learning about the materials and research that CoC offers. </p>

<p>i have no idea how much work physics 7a is though. i'm putting it off to next semester lol...i'm not a huge fan of physics.</p>

<p>if you're interested in the seminar though, take it! there's just extra work...and if you really can't handle, just drop.</p>